6 stylish storage ottomans

I’m a big fan of storage solutions that not only help to keep your belongings organised, but have a dual purpose and look good too. I recently did a home office organising job and we used a gorgeous white leather ottoman in the office to store files. It looked great, was functional and ensured that there was no loose papers and files lying around the newly decluttered and organised office.

So I thought I would put together 6 stylish storage ottomans which can be used for storing things like spare blankets and cushions in.

Ikea Storage Ottoman

Ikea Storage Ottoman














This storage ottoman works just as well in the living room, hallway or bedroom. It has storage space under the seat. Plus, the cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. It’s both a stylish and practical bench that gives a warm, cosy feeling.


Cost: $399


When style matters – Linen fabric storage ottoman

Ottoman Storage

Linen Ottoman Storage













Modern and practical, this Life Linen Fabric Storage Ottoman is the perfect designer furniture piece for any bedroom, study room or home living decor. Not only great as a foot stool, it also offers generous storage space to store any unused items and declutter the room.


Cost $125.00


After a deep chocolate brown look?

Ottoman Storage

Chocolate Ottoman Storage














Then look no further. Offering more than meets the eye, the Jeremy Storage Ottoman from Resort Living provides stylish seating for your space while creating hidden storage for household items. The lift-up lid provides generous storage space for household linens and cushions.


Cost: $109.95

When style matters

Ottoman Storage

Plush Ottoman Storage





Refresh your home with a beautiful ottoman from the Plush range. They add instant colour, style and storage with the Roller Storage Ottoman. This one is available in a wide range of decorator fabrics too, so it will match any decor.




Is vintage more your look?

Ottoman Storage

Vintage Ottoman Storage







Add some vintage charm to your décor with this faux leather and brass Owen Storage Trunk.  It looks great, is upholstered in linen fabric, providing exceptional softness and durability. It’s a stylish form of storage that can hold anything from linens to shoes to books. This size is perfect for the living room, bedroom or reading nook.


Cost: $699


Space for more than just your feet

Ottoman Storage, declutter, organise

Ikea storage ottoman





As well as that extra put-your-feet-up comfort, they make great seats for guests, too. Plus, you can put things like magazines and toys in them.  But best of all, with this one they have a range of coordinated covers which makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look. The covers are easy to keep them clean as they can be removable and machine washed.


Cost: $249

15 things to declutter now

Decluttering doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, decluttering can be made really simply. Below is a list of common items found in most homes that we don’t need. So, set some time aside and start your declutter. You may even like to declutter one of these items each day. It won’t take long and best of all, by doing this it will help clear the clutter in your home.

  1. Hangers from the drycleaners
  2. Plastic shopping bags
  3. Old makeup you haven’t worn in ages
  4. Shoes that aren’t comfortable
  5. Clothes that are stained
  6. Old electrical appliances
  7. Cables from electrical items you no longer use
  8. Warranty manuals written in foreign languages
  9. Cookbooks you never use
  10. Complicated recipes you will never cook
  11. Books you will never re-read
  12. Bad photos
  13. Junk mail
  14. Old newspapers
  15. Out of date medicine

Once you have done your declutter you then need to make sure you deal with the items. Some drycleaners will reuse the hangers. So put them in your car and drop them off next time you are out. You might be able to drop off your old cookbooks at a local charity. Again, put them in your car, ready to be dropped off. The rest of the items will probably just go straight into the rubbish bin. Just don’t get into the habit of leaving the items at the front door ready to take out next time you go. Somehow they always seem to make their way back into the house (I have seen this happen all the time with clients).

If you complete this list of 15 things to declutter now, you are on the way to having a clutter free home.

Your clutter is our business. The Lifestylers Group is a professional organising service that specialises in decluttering and organising homes (bedrooms, kids bedrooms, kitchens, pantry’s, offices and garages) and life’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Office Paperwork Organised in 4  Steps

Office Paperwork Organised in 4  Steps

The end of financial year is the perfect time to get motivated and get your office paperwork organised in 4 steps.

Organised home office

Organised home office


Step 1 – Set up a filing system

I recommend at the beginning of each financial year to set up your filing system.  It could be as simple as a box. I like to use a 2 ring binder with labeled dividers for each category. Don’t forget to label your storage system or file with the relevant financial year i.e. 2016 – 2017.

Step 2 – Divide your paperwork into categories

The first step in keeping your bills and paperwork organised is to categorise the types of paperwork you have. For example, you might like to use some of the following categories: Bank accounts, including credit cards, Superannuation, Rental property, Share statements, Tax, School, Utilities, Car Expenses and Medical. Once you have set up these categories you can file accordingly. You don’t need to have lots of categories either. Just keep it simple and it will be much quicker and easier to use.

Step 3 – Go paperless 

A great way to reduce clutter and papers in your office is to go paperless. It’s easy to set up to. You simply contact your bank and other companies such as your utility providers and ask them to email you your bills. Then, you can save the documents on your computer. However, just like having a hard copy filing system, you need to set up a filing structure and system on your computer. You might have a main folder called: 2016_2107 Fin Year (for the relevant financial year) then create a range of subcategories as mentioned above. If you don’t set up subcategories, then just like piles of paper sitting on your desk, it becomes messy and you can waste time looking for documents. Going paperless will definitely help reduce the paper and clutter in your office. However, it’s essential that you regularly back up your computer because if it was damaged, lost or stolen then there goes all your paperwork which you will need for your tax.

Step 4 – File it

A filing system is only good if you use it. Get into the habit of filing your bills once they have been paid. You might like to set up a system where you file all your paid bills on the last day of every month, or perhaps every Sunday night. Whatever it is, just ensure that you set some time aside and file all your paperwork. That way, when next year’s tax time comes around, you will be all organised for your accountant. Or, if you are doing your own tax, then you will have all the information you need organised in one place.

Office paperwork organised in 4  steps

It’s not long now till the end of financial year, so get motivated, set some time aside and organise your office. If you need help getting your home, life or office organised, then contact us. Based in Melbourne and assisting clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, The Lifestylers Group provides professional organising, decluttering and office organising (for both the home office and small business).

Gorgeous home office storage ideas

Gorgeous home office storage ideas

This month it’s all about gorgeous home office storage ideas and looks. Forget drab and go for some of these fab storage ideas and products for your home office. In no time you will have a super stylish and functional office space that will actually inspire you to want to spend time in there. Then, there will be no excuse to get all your paper work sorted for the tax man.

Home Office Organising and Storage

Home office organising and storage – Image credit: Officeworks











A light, bright and white home office

This white trestle desk is definitely the statement piece in this minimalist workspace. Achieve the look with this customisable trestle desktop and legs for less than $100. Love it all? All the furniture, the lamp, and the photo frame packs come in at $658 from Officeworks.


The perfectly organised home officeising

The perfectly organised home office -Image credit: Office Works











A bold home office space

A black workspace is a bold move, but it definitely sets a get-it-done attitude. The floor lamps will bring much needed brightness to this space and are a great affordable alternative to pendant lights, which require installation by a qualified electrician. Opting for wood-look furniture will not only add light and warmth, but will keep your budget in check.

Using these picks, you could create the look for $385 – which includes two each of the light oak magazine files and vintage document boxes.

Classic white home office

Classic white home office – Image credit: Kikki-k


Go for the classic uncluttered look

As a professional organiser, I just love this look from Kikki-k.  Its uncluttered and functional. You could also easily add a single draw filing cabinet under the desk to give you some more storage space if required. You could also add some pops of colour by changing the colour of the storage product that’s sitting on the desk.

Home office storage

Home office storage








Gorgeous home office storage ideas

Check out these storage ideas from Kikki-k. They will help keep your desk uncluttered and organised and they look great too.

Based in Melbourne and assisting clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, The Lifestylers Group is a professional organising service that helps people organise there homes, home offices and lives. With over 10 years experience, we have seen it all before. We have lots of practical tips and advise that we share with our clients to organise there office or home office.





Clutter in my house

Clutter in my house

Clutter are things that you no longer use or love and it’s also those items that start to effect the way you run your house or life because they start to build up and take over the space. I’m sure that if I asked the question, most people would say that I have clutter in my house.

Clutter in my house

I believe that there are two main types of clutter. Emotional clutter and physical clutter. Both of these types of clutter have an impact on your life. In this blog, I am going to concentration on the physical clutter in your home and home office.

Clutter in your house is:

  • All those odd socks that are still in your draw – but clearly you are never going to wear
  • The broken TV or printer.
  • The piles of unopened junk mail and old newspapers.
  • All those plastic butter containers or jam jars that might come in useful one day.
  • All the piles of papers  on your desk or office floor
  • Expired medicine in your bathroom
  • Things that might be broken but (for sentimental reasons) you cannot throw it out (even though it can be no longer used)
  • The boxes of stuff that have not been unpacked from your recent house move, because there is no space for them
  • The junk mail that you collected from the mail box. (You know it’s just junk mail, but you still bring it inside, telling yourselves – I will read that later)
  • The things that remind you of a difficult time in your life.
  • The things you liked ten years ago but your tastes have changed.
  • Those shoes that you wore once but can’t bear to part with because you paid $300 for them!

We all have clutter in our house. Some people just have more clutter than others and as a result don’t know what to do with it.

Clutter in my house becomes a problem when:

  • You run out of room
  • When there is “stuff” sitting on benchtops or on the floor
  • You feel frustrated at the state of your own home or home office
  • It takes you an extra 15 minutes in the morning to get ready, because you cannot find anything to wear
  • When you cannot find things.
  • When you pay a bill late because you misplaced the invoice.
  • You don’t want to invite friends over because of what your house looks like
  • You buy duplicate items because you could not find the original one.

What stops people from clearing the clutter?

The key thing that stops people from dealing with their clutter is:

  • Procrastination
  • Feeling whelmed and not knowing where to begin.

Did you know that on average we use 20% of our possessions 80% of the time? Now that is a lot of clutter that is not being used at any one time. So that is something to consider when the clutter starts building up in your home, wardrobe, kitchen or home office.

Clutter in my house

For tips on help you clear the clutter click here.

If you need help to clear the clutter in your home then contact The Lifestylers Group. We are experts at helping people to clear the clutter and reclaim your home and life.  We have a team of trained professional organisers, all of whom specialise in different areas of the home. They are experienced, discrete and love helping people clear the clutter.

Tips on Clearing Clutter

Clutter is unnecessary and causes us to be unproductive. However, the good news is that you can easily manage the clutter in your home or life. Follow our tips on clearing clutter and you will be well on your way to a clutter free home and life.

Tips On Clearing Clutter

Tips On Clearing Clutter

Tips on Clearing Clutter

When you want to get organised and clear clutter in your wardrobe, kitchen, home office or house in general start by asking yourself:

  • Do I love this item?
  • Have I used or wore it in the past year?
  • Is it really garbage?
  • Do I have another one that is in better condition?
  • Should I really keep two of them?
  • Does it have sentimental value that causes me to love it?
  • Or does it give me guilt and make me sad when I see the item?




Tips on Clearing the Clutter

My key tips to help you start clearing your clutter are:

  • Pick one room first (don’t worry about the rest of the house)
  • Start small. It is often quite overwhelming when you look at the whole house or a room so only look at one area first i.e. one shelve in one cupboard first. Clear that space and then move on.
  • If you don’t have a whole day to spend clearing the clutter, set aside 15 minutes every day. Don’t get sidetracked, just focus on the job.
  • Set a timer and don’t stop until you are finished.
  • Create piles or categories for sorting items. i.e. keep, donate, rubbish, repair.
  • Get a rubbish bag and fill it with rubbish or items to donate. If you did that every day, seven bags of rubbish would be cleared in a week. Now, that’s a great start.

I have also listed below some of my key tips to help you work through the process of actually clearing the clutter.

Sentimental Items  

Be sentimental but selective. Choose a beautiful box in which to keep sentimental items.  For example, keep a few cherished baby clothes and give the rest to someone who will use them. Put photos into albums only keeping the best ones and let the others go.

 Broken things

Give yourself a deadline by which broken items must be fixed by. If they are not fixed by then, they need to be recycled or thrown out.


Ask yourself, can I re-gift or give them to someone else who will use them?


Be ruthless with paper.  Put junk mail straight in the recycling bin and decide how long you will keep other newspapers and documents for. Use your recycling bin and ask yourself; When will I really have time to sit down and read that pile of papers or junk mail ?


Ask yourself when was the last time I wore it and did it make me feel amazing?

Kitchen items

Again, ask yourself when was the last time I used it. Do I really need two of them?

How does it feel when you clear the clutter?

As you put things in the bin or charity shop bag, you may feel good and even feel a huge sense of relief.  Or you may feel guilty that you are wasting money by throwing things away.  You may also feel guilty that you are letting go of unwanted presents or baby clothes.

Many of my clients come from families where hoarding is a common problem. Often people have lots of clutter because that’s what they were taught and brought up with. You need to identify this and take action to change those behaviours.

I take the approach – “one in, one out”. Remember, you can only use one vacuum cleaner at a time.

Helping you decide what to declutter

If you really feel panicky about letting go of something then store it for three months.

Put a date on it before you store it away.  If you haven’t used it in three months then give it away, knowing that it has not been used.

The benefits of clearing the clutter

There are massive benefits for you to get motivated, clear the clutter and become more organised. You will:

  • Have a more relaxed and organised home
  • Feel more organised and in control of your live
  • Find that getting dressed and ready for work in the morning will be so much easier when you know exactly what is in your wardrobe.

There are massive benefits physiologically as well. I know myself; if I have a messy desk then my mind feels cluttered. I am not as productive when I sit down to work because I am surrounded with papers. A clear, uncluttered desk helps me think straight.

If you don’t have lots of clutter in your pantry, you won’t go and buy extra grocery items, thinking you need them. Often because of the clutter and lack of systems, clients will end up buying duplicate packets of food because they cannot find them in the pantry. They don’t have a set stop to store certain foods. It all just gets put in the pantry on different shelves and it starts to build up after a while.

With an organised wardrobe you will have a much better idea of what you actually need when you go shopping.

Good luck with clearing your clutter. Remember, be focused and have a plan of attack. If you find you need some assistance, then one of our clutter experts is only a phone call away. A free, no-obligation chat with us may be the first step you need to help you clear the clutter in your home and life.