Our expert tips on styling your house for sale will help you declutter and get organised for your sale campaign.

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Expert tips on styling your house for sale

Pre sale declutter tips

  1. A bit of packing now creates a big return later. By packing up some of your personal belongings it will help to create more space and showcase the best attributes of your house.
  2. Getting personal. If you have got too many personal items on display in your home  it can clutter up the space and distract potential buyers?
  3. Allow enough time. Decluttering takes time. Depending on how much needs to be decluttered, you might need to start the process a couple of months in advance. Or call in an expert to help you.
  4. Start your piles. Organise your items into groups to: Keep, Cull and Donate.
  5. Don’t just pack, cull first. When you start the declutter process decide if the item really needs to come to your new house. Ask yourself “Is it something that you use regularly”. Are you moving boxes that still have not been unpacked from your last house move? (We see this ALL THE TIME). By doing your decluttering now, not only does your house look great for the sale campaign, but there will be less packing to do on moving day.
Pre sale

Pre sale styling and decluttering tips


Is your room layout right?

  1. Fit for purpose. Are you using the spare bedroom as a study? Is the bedroom being used as a TV room? Sometimes you need to change around how rooms are used to help ensure maximum value on sale day.
  2. Fit to scale. Have you got items that are too large for your space which then makes the room dimensions look smaller? Sometimes you might need to “downsize” a certain piece of furniture like a big chunky sofa and replace it with a smaller one to help create a sense of space.
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Home staging and expert tips on styling your house for sale

Tips on the right storage solutions?

  1. Don’t forgot inside your cupboards. It’s a dead giveaway that there might be a storage issue if perspective buyers open up your wardrobe or cupboards and find stuff shoved in there.
  2. Invest in stylish storage options in your cupboards. They will look great and keep things organised. Plus, they will be quicker to pack.
  3. Repurpose, reuse and reorganise. What furniture and items can be used in other areas of the home. It’s amazing what a fresh set of eyes can come up with.
  4. Clear off surfaces, particularly kitchen benches as this will automatically create more space and less clutter.

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Book some help

  1. Book a cleaning service just before photos are done. You might also consider booking a more regular cleaning service whilst the sales campaign is on too.
  2. Organise a garden clean up just before photos are scheduled. And if you are selling in spring consider booking a fortnightly gardening service. Don’t forget to book them early too as spring is a busy time of year.
  3. Take the emotion out of decluttering and styling your home for sale. Preparing to sell your home is hard work. It might be worthwhile to get some professional advise. Because an expert can guide you on the best furniture layout and styling tips to help maximise your space.  It’s amazing how a room can totally transform with a fresh set of eyes.

Pre sale styling and organising

Expert tips on styling your house for sale

  1. Always leave a tidy house. Get into a habit of always leaving the house neat and tidy during the sales campaign. You never know when you will get a call from your agent asking if they can do a private inspection. Avoid that last minute rush of running around trying to get your home ready for an impromptu open for inspection.
  2. Resist cooking salmon or a strong curry during the sales campaign. The last thing you want is food smells wafting through your house.
  3. Light up. Have a couple of beautiful candles burning at your open for inspections.
  4. Wash your floors last. When I sold my house, I ran around frantically vacuuming and washing the floors before each open for inspection. But then, I realised I could just vacuum and sweep prior, then wash the floor once the inspection was done. (I hated the thought knowing that lots of strangers had been walking around my house with their shoes on), so I only had to do it once.

We hope that our expert tips on styling your house for sale will help you get inspired. But, if you are still needing some extra help, then contact us. We can organise your pantry and wardrobes and create a clutter free space. We can also suggest key furniture pieces that will help elevate your home styling to the next level.