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Executive Relocation Services – We Help Find Rental Properties

As part of our executive relocation services, we will do all the research, and help find and secure your ideal rental property for you. Are you living in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and need to move house and find a rental property? Then our executive relocation services can help.

Finding a rental property is very time consuming. Who has all weekend to spend looking at rental properties. Or trying to make it across town in peak hour traffic to inspect a rental property at 5.30pm. Its also very stressful when a rental property might only be open for 15 minutes in the middle of the day for one inspection, especially when you are working. So that is where our executive relocation services to help find rental properties can help you.

We provide relocation assistance for Executives relocating for work or couples / families relocating around Australia under our ‘sister company’ Australian Relocation Managers. Our services are explained in more detail below or feel free to visit Australian Relocation Managers.

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The process of finding you a rental property:

We begin the rental property search process by getting you to complete our relocation needs analysis. Not only do we want to know about the sort of rental property you are looking for, but also about your lifestyle. Our service is not just about finding the perfect rental property for you. Its about making sure the suburb you live in matches your lifestyle requirements. Living in Richmond is very different from living in Albert Park in Melbourne. Just like living in Surry Hills is totally different from living in Double Bay in Sydney. So that is why it is important for us to under about your lifestyle requirements as well.

Once we have your detailed rental property brief, we will start the property search.

Relocation Agency:

The Lifestylers Group is like your relocation agency. As a relocation Agent our job is to help you find a perfect rental property. We are not realestate agents, as our job is not to manage rental properties. We work with tenants to help find rental properties.

Relocation Agency:

We don’t  just provide an executive relocation service to help find rental properties, we offer a complete relocation service. So once you have found the perfect rental property, we can help you move house. For more information on our relocation, house packing and unpacking service, please call 03 9421 1070.

I’m not an Executive – Can I still use your relocation services?

We help all sorts of people to find new homes in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. From Plumbers and Fashion Designers, to Doctors and Engineers. So no, you don’t have to be executive (or work in corporate world) to use our executive relocation services.

We have a range of relocation packages so call us to discuss your specific relocation requirements and find out what will work for you.

The Benefits of A Relocation Consultant

Using a relocation agent or relocation consultant can really help make your relocation run much smoother. There is no doubt about it, that moving or relocating is stressful. Not knowing much about the city you are relocating to can be stressful. Having to find a rental property in less than 4 weeks can be demanding. If you are also relocating with your family and children then there is the added pressure on you to find the right rental property and get settled in as quickly as possible.

Our relocation agents are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge to share with our clients.

Understanding the rental market and the difference between the various suburbs is critical when you are relocating. This is something that you would not know, especially if you are relocating from interstate or overseas. So this is where the services of a relocation agent or relocation consultant can help.
The role of our relocation agents is to help you manage your move and ensure you relocate you and your family, stress free. Having a dedicated relocation agent who will guide you through the relocation process is invaluable. Plus, it’s also nice to know that you have a friendly person who you can call on with your questions when you first arrive in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth.

You should also keep in mind that even if you are not an executive, you can still use the services of a relocation agent or relocation consultant to help you relocate and find the right rental property.

About Our Relocation Agents:

  • Our relocation agents are all very experienced. They have all relocated a number of times before so they can appreciate firsthand what you are going through.
  • They are great at listening to you and understanding your needs.
  • They are also very intuitive and know the right questions to ask to ensure they understand your exact needs.
  • Our relocation consultants work on evenings and on the weekend so you know that if you are busy at work you can speak with them after hours.
  • They are flexible as they understand that relocation briefs often change once you learn more about the various suburbs.
  • Working to tight deadlines is often part of the job of any relocation agent.
  • Australian Relocation Managers has experienced relocation agents in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth who can help manage your relocation.

The Servcies Our Relocation Agent Will Provide:

Your relocation agent or consultant may help you with any of the following services:


    •  Provide you with suggestions and feedback on various suburbs
    • Do all the research, speak with agents and shortlist properties that match your brief
    • Arrange rental property inspections
    • If you are in the state, take you to attend property inspections
    • Organise a familiarisation tour of various suburbs pointing out key differences and attributes of the different suburbs
    • Provide an objective viewpoint on properties
    • Shortlist schools that meet your children’s educational requirements
    • Organise school meetings and if required take you to attend school meetings
    • Provide information on things like:
      • Public transport
      • Your rental responsibilities
      • Information to set up bank accounts and mobile phones
      • The location of your closest supermarket or shopping centre
      • Healthcare and medical facilities
      • Sporting clubs and leisure activities.

Selecting the right relocation agent to help manage your move is critical. We are not a removalist, we are a boutique relocations services provider that works with clients to help them relocate to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

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