10 great father’s day gift ideas

If you are after a Father’s Day gift that’s a little different and might even help keep Dad organised, then look no further. Father’s Day is only a few days away so here’s my 10 top gift ideas, with something for every type of Dad.

  1. Personalised Wooden Coin Tray
Fathers Day Gift - Wooden Coin Tray

Fathers Day Gift – Wooden Coin Tray

















It’s a stylish and practical wooden coin tray that you can personalise with initial’s and message of your choice. A great storage solution, this wooden tray is the perfect  place to keep keys, change and accessories.

It’s not too big either, the solid beech wooden tray measures 13cm x 13cm x 2.5cm and is 1cm deep.


  1. Super Hero Dad
Fathers Day Gift - Super Hero Poster

Fathers Day Gift – Super Hero Poster















A super print to let Dad know how special he is (even if he can’t fly or climb up walls).


  1. V8 Race Car Driving
Fathers Day Gift - V8 Race Car Driving

Fathers Day Gift – V8 Race Car Driving














Go V8 racing for the ultimate thrill. This V8 driving experience will have you strapped in and raring to go for a spectacular 4 laps around a real racetrack. Dad will be taught pro driving techniques and talked through his experience through an intercom, getting him up to speeds of up to 200kph!


  1. Massage and Footbath for Dad
Fathers Day Gift - Massage Voucher

Fathers Day Gift – Massage Voucher













A soothing spa hour designed specifically for blokes. Step into a relaxing day spa and leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Combine a massage with a relaxing footbath will leave him feeling like a new person.



  1. Gold Class Movie Tickets
Fathers Day Gold Class Movie

Fathers Day Gold Class Movie












Dad can enjoy an afternoon or evening at the movies in style. Gold Class Cinemas features luxury reclining seats and state of the art cinema technology, a full service bar and gourmet food with personal waiter service.


  1. Garage Make Over

Instead of another boring tie or DVD try a gift that is a little more practical. Dad’s love gifts that they can use over and over again, especially if it helps them organise their favorite places in the house. And, if you’ve ever spent any time in a disorganised man cave or a messy garage you will know how helpful a little organisation can be. Get Dads  garage decluttered and organised by a professional organiser. Contact the experts at organising, The Lifestylers Group.

Gift vouchers available.


  1. Virtual Reality Headset
Fathers Day Virtual Reality Headset

Fathers Day Virtual Reality Headset
















A totally immersive digital experience from the comfort of his favorite chair. Because getting up is the last thing Dad wants to do. Buy and watch hundreds of Hollywood movies & TV shows in Oculus Cinema. In Oculus Video, watch 2D videos including trailers, clips, and your own movie files in a completely new way. You can choose from multiple VR theater environments including a home theater or a huge screen theater.


  1. Classic Shades
 Fathers Day Ray Band Sunnies

Fathers Day Ray Band Sunnies














Perfect for the classic Dad. Gold RAY-BAN Aviator Sunglasses available at Sunglass Hut.



  1. Sneakers

    Fathers Day Sneakers

    Fathers Day Sneakers















They’re not just for hipsters anymore. Check out these Green Suede Sneakers for Dad.



  1. Office Make Over

Get Dads office organised once and for all. A professional organiser will declutter, sort and get his office looking schmick and organised. Gift vouchers are available.

Contact us for more information.


6 ways to help organise your garage

If you’ve spent any time in a disorganised man cave or a messy garage (aka Dad’s domain) you will know how helpful a little organisation can be. Here’s 6 ways to help declutter your garage.

Organised Garage

Organised Garage













Image credit: Bunnings.com.au

1. Clear the clutter in your garage

Start the garage declutter process by grouping items into the following categories:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Throw

2. Group similar items together

Now that you have decluttered the garage it’s time to group and store the various items together.  If you have a lot of different size nuts, bolts, nails etc., then put them into either small plastic containers with lids or clear boxes with different compartments. They come in lots of different shapes and sizes and you will find a container that is perfect for all of your stuff. I guarantee it will make finding the right size screw so much easier next time.

Containers to keep your garage organised

Containers to keep your garage organised
















Image Credit: https://www.masters.com.au/product/100797002/really-useful-box-0-3l-box-16-drawer-set-clear

Keep bits and pieces in your garage organised with these containers with compartments

Containers with compartments – great for the garage

Image Credit: https://www.bunnings.com.au/tactix-20-compartment-organiser-storage-box_p2581003

3. Label it

Now that all your bits and pieces are grouped together, take the garage organisation one step further and label up the shelves and containers so you know where everything belongs.


4. Set up zones in your garage

Set up different areas (zones) in your garage to store things. For example put all your garden tools and equipment together in one area/shelve.

Peg boards like this are the perfect way to keep tools organised and off the workbench. Alternatively, you could place them underneath the bench. By making specific areas to put different items in it creates a more organised garage which in turn makes it so much easier to find things.

An organised garage

An organised garage
















Image credit: http://wonderfulengineering.com/40-awesome-ideas-to-organise-your-garage/

Organised tools

Organised tools

Image credit: http://wonderfulengineering.com/40-awesome-ideas-to-organise-your-garage/


5. Shelve it

You can buy different sorts of portable shelves that are easy to install and will provide extra storage space. They are also portable so you can take them to your next garage and you can make them into different configurations such as a low work bench or high shelves.

Garage Shelves

Garage Shelves













Image credit: https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/storage-cleaning/storage/garage/shelving


6. Create space by hanging items

If you need to store things like bikes, fishing rods, long pieces of timber or pipe you can use a range of hooks secured from the ceiling. It gets everything off the ground and keeps your work benches and floors clutter free. Or store large tools with a unit like this.

Racks for the garage

Racks for the garage














Image Credit: https://www.bunnings.com.au/storease-large-tool-hanger_p2580042

Or try this wall mounted bracket to hang your fishing rods from.

Organised fishing rods in the garage

Organised fishing rods in the garage














Image Credit: https://www.bunnings.com.au/storease-15kg-wall-bracket-fishing-gear-hook_p2582761


I hope that I have given you some inspiration with my 6 ways to help organise your garage. Set aside a weekend, be prepared to get down and dirty and do some serious decluttering and get your garage organised.

A unique gift for Dad – A garage declutter

Instead of giving another boring tie or DVD give a gift that is a little more practical. Dad’s love gifts that they can use over and over again. And, if it means every time they walk into the garage it looks schmick and organised and they can find their stuff, they will love it. A garage declutter is a perfect Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas gift.



8 ways to organise your laundry

The laundry is often a small space so having it well organised is essential. So that often means looking at utilising some creative storage solutions to help maximise the space you have. I hope that these 8 ways to organise your laundry give you some inspiration.

8 ways to organise your laundry


 1. Go vertical – put shelves or cupboards above your bench

By putting shelves above your bench you can create more storage space. They can be easily fixed to the wall by a handyman and can store things like cleaning product, toilet rolls and towels. It’s a great solution to help organise your laundry.

Organise the laundry with shelves

Organise my laundry with shelves

Organise my laundry with cupboards

Organise my laundry with cupboards















Image credit: houz                                                       Image credit: onenuttygirl.com

2. Go for front loading appliances

If you stack your front loading washing machine on top of your dryer you can save valuable space.

Space saving ways to organise your laundry

Space saving ways to organise your laundry
















Image credit: https://www.decorpad.com/photo.htm?photoId=104212&index=1&currentPage=2


3. Bench space and more bench space

Place your front loader washing machine and dryer side by side under your bench top. This creates extra bench space and provides room for you to fold and organise your clothes. This helps avoids the dining room table from becoming a dumping ground for clothes and keeps your laundry organised too.

Organised laundry

Organised laundry

















Image credit: lizmarieblog.com


4. Organise your laundry baskets

Most people will do a load of whites, then a load of colours and then a load of dark clothing. You can set up this system by using 3 different baskets. Clearly label each one with the category. Now all you have to do is get the kids (and hubby) to put their clothes in the right basket when they take them off. (Which could be more challenging than you think!).

Baskets to help organise your laundry

Baskets to help organise your laundry

Over head baskets to organise your laundry

Overhead baskets to organise your laundry














Image Credit: Pinterest                                                  Image credit: blessings.com


Baskets to help keep your laundry organised

Use baskets to help keep your laundry organised
















Image credit: http://www.amazinginteriordesign.com/15-awesome-laundry-room-storage-organization-hacks/


5. Drying lines are great

Install a drying line, such as a rail, or a fold down or retractable drying line in your laundry. They take up very little space and are the perfect solution for drying clothes during winter. They help keep wet laundry out of the living room and keep everything organised in one spot.

Drying racks in your laundry

Drying racks in your laundry

















Image credit: http://www.amazinginteriordesign.com/15-awesome-laundry-room-storage-organization-hacks/


6. Create extra storage under your washing machine

Yes, that’s right. These units are perfect if you have a front loader washing machine. Your front loader washing machine sits on the unit. Not only does it lift up your washing machine making bending over and putting clothes in easy, but it also provides valuable storage space as well in a small laundry. This clever stand features a heavy duty steel construction. It also has a lockable child proof sliding drawer and adjustable locking feet that make it safe and sturdy, especially if there are kids in the house.

Washing machine stand

Washing machine stand
















Image credit: https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/easy-living-front-load-washer-stand-with-drawer-ws1


Another solution to help keep your laundry organised is to have a custom made storage solution like this one built. If you need some assistance to help organise your laundry, then we can help organise it.

Organised laundry

7 ways to organise your laundry














Image credit: ana-white.com

7.  Give your laundry some personality

Just because it’s your laundry doesn’t mean that you cannot have some fun and decorate the space.

Organise and decorate your laundry

Organise and decorate your laundry

8 ways to organise your laundry

8 ways to organise your laundry











Image credit: etsy.com

Image credit: makingitinthemitten.blogspot.com.au/2015/04/laundry-room-chalkboard-printable.html


8. Doors and more space

Maximise the hidden space behind the door with these clever storage solutions that will help organise your laundry.

Your laundry organised

Your laundry organised

Organise a laundry without cupboards

Image source: thefrugalhomemaker.com






Image source: hometalk.com

Ways to organise my laundry

8 ways to organise my laundry

















Image source: indulgy.com


I hope that I have given you some inspiration with 8 ways to organise your laundry. However, if you are still struggling to organise your laundry, then contact The Lifestylers Group. Since 2005 we have been helping to organise every room in the home – the kitchen, office, laundry and bedrooms and have a wealth of ideas and knowledge to share. Based in Melbourne, our professional organising service can also assist in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.





6 stylish storage ottomans

I’m a big fan of storage solutions that not only help to keep your belongings organised, but have a dual purpose and look good too. I recently did a home office organising job and we used a gorgeous white leather ottoman in the office to store files. It looked great, was functional and ensured that there was no loose papers and files lying around the newly decluttered and organised office.

So I thought I would put together 6 stylish storage ottomans which can be used for storing things like spare blankets and cushions in.

Ikea Storage Ottoman

Ikea Storage Ottoman














This storage ottoman works just as well in the living room, hallway or bedroom. It has storage space under the seat. Plus, the cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. It’s both a stylish and practical bench that gives a warm, cosy feeling.


Cost: $399


When style matters – Linen fabric storage ottoman

Ottoman Storage

Linen Ottoman Storage













Modern and practical, this Life Linen Fabric Storage Ottoman is the perfect designer furniture piece for any bedroom, study room or home living decor. Not only great as a foot stool, it also offers generous storage space to store any unused items and declutter the room.


Cost $125.00


After a deep chocolate brown look?

Ottoman Storage

Chocolate Ottoman Storage














Then look no further. Offering more than meets the eye, the Jeremy Storage Ottoman from Resort Living provides stylish seating for your space while creating hidden storage for household items. The lift-up lid provides generous storage space for household linens and cushions.


Cost: $109.95

When style matters

Ottoman Storage

Plush Ottoman Storage





Refresh your home with a beautiful ottoman from the Plush range. They add instant colour, style and storage with the Roller Storage Ottoman. This one is available in a wide range of decorator fabrics too, so it will match any decor.




Is vintage more your look?

Ottoman Storage

Vintage Ottoman Storage







Add some vintage charm to your décor with this faux leather and brass Owen Storage Trunk.  It looks great, is upholstered in linen fabric, providing exceptional softness and durability. It’s a stylish form of storage that can hold anything from linens to shoes to books. This size is perfect for the living room, bedroom or reading nook.


Cost: $699


Space for more than just your feet

Ottoman Storage, declutter, organise

Ikea storage ottoman





As well as that extra put-your-feet-up comfort, they make great seats for guests, too. Plus, you can put things like magazines and toys in them.  But best of all, with this one they have a range of coordinated covers which makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look. The covers are easy to keep them clean as they can be removable and machine washed.


Cost: $249

15 things to declutter now

Decluttering doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, decluttering can be made really simply. Below is a list of common items found in most homes that we don’t need. So, set some time aside and start your declutter. You may even like to declutter one of these items each day. It won’t take long and best of all, by doing this it will help clear the clutter in your home.

  1. Hangers from the drycleaners
  2. Plastic shopping bags
  3. Old makeup you haven’t worn in ages
  4. Shoes that aren’t comfortable
  5. Clothes that are stained
  6. Old electrical appliances
  7. Cables from electrical items you no longer use
  8. Warranty manuals written in foreign languages
  9. Cookbooks you never use
  10. Complicated recipes you will never cook
  11. Books you will never re-read
  12. Bad photos
  13. Junk mail
  14. Old newspapers
  15. Out of date medicine

Once you have done your declutter you then need to make sure you deal with the items. Some drycleaners will reuse the hangers. So put them in your car and drop them off next time you are out. You might be able to drop off your old cookbooks at a local charity. Again, put them in your car, ready to be dropped off. The rest of the items will probably just go straight into the rubbish bin. Just don’t get into the habit of leaving the items at the front door ready to take out next time you go. Somehow they always seem to make their way back into the house (I have seen this happen all the time with clients).

If you complete this list of 15 things to declutter now, you are on the way to having a clutter free home.

Your clutter is our business. The Lifestylers Group is a professional organising service that specialises in decluttering and organising homes (bedrooms, kids bedrooms, kitchens, pantry’s, offices and garages) and life’s in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.