10 ways to add glamour to your bedroom

We spend enough time in there so why not make our bedroom clutter free, organised and stylish. Here’s 10 ways to add glamour to your bedroom and they won’t cost a fortune either. Plus, with the change in seasons, it’s the perfect time to declutter and organise your bedroom, add some pops of colour and freshen up the space.


1. Add a gorgeous headboard

Check out these gorgeous padded bedheads. Elegant and distinctive they come in a range of great colours and totally change a drab bed into a fab one in know time at all. Check out:

http://www.heatherlydesign.com.au/ for some stylish options.

Beautiful Bedroom

Beautiful Bedroom









2. Beautiful bed linen

You simply cannot go past the feeling of beautiful soft linen. You know that feeling when you stay at a luxury hotel and you climb into bed and go “ahha””. 1000 thread count all the way for me! If you plan your shopping well, buy your new linen when it’s on sale so it won’t cost a fortune either.

Visit: www.sheridan.com.au/1000tc-sheet-set-s0ld-b130-c242-749-midnight.html


Luxury Bedroom Linen

Luxury Bedroom Linen














3. Add texture with a beautiful throw

Organised Bedroom

Organised Bedroom














A quick and easy way to change the look and feel of your bedroom is with a throw. They come in so many different colours and textures; a throw rug immediately adds depth to any bed. Plus it provides extra warmth on those cold winter nights.



4. Cushions, cushions and more cushions

10 ways to add glamor to a bedroom

10 ways to add glamor to a bedroom














Visit: https://www.adairs.com.au/bedroom/bedspreads/bianca/rylee-coverlet?colour=White

My husband will tell you that I a mad for cushions. They just finish off a bed. Yes, you do need to take them off the bed of a night so you can sleep, but so what. They look great and finish off the perfect bed.


5. Add flowers

Beautiful Bedrooms

Beautiful Bedrooms















Fresh flowers add a lovely touch to any bedroom. It’s a cost effective way to add some style and brighten up any bedroom.

Image credit http://www.thepeakoftreschic.com



6. Mirror mirror on the wall

Beautiful Bedroom Mirrors

Beautiful Bedroom Mirrors













Mirrors help to create the illusion of space in any room. They also add depth and an element of light in your bedroom. As a tip, be sure to check what sort of hook you will need to hang your wall mirror with.

Image credit: www.houzz.com.au


7. Burn a candle

Beautiful bedrooms

Beautiful bedrooms

















These days their are so many amazing scented candles and diffusers that create beautiful aromas. Perfect for helping you to relax and ease into the perfect night’s sleep.

Image credit: http://lyfestyled.com.au


8. Rug up

Bedroom rugs

Bedroom rugs
















Add depth to your bedroom by including a floor rug. They come in so many amazing colours and styles, you are sure to find something to fit your style and décor.

Image credit: http://www.zgallerie.com/


9. Pretty as a picture

Beautiful bedrooms

Beautiful bedrooms

















Hanging pretty wall art, or pictures adds personality to any room. You can get some beautiful frames and images that will suit any room. Go for gold or silver, or keep it neutral or white, or make a statement with black.

Image credit: www.pinterest.com.au


10. Clear the clutter










Clear the clutter and surround yourself with meaningful objects. Create a peaceful and relaxing place perfect for rest and rejuvenation. Have you got too much stuff sitting on your bedside table? Is your chest of draws full of things that you never use? Are clothes just dumped on the floor?

Their is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a clutter free bedroom. Commit to do a quick clean up every morning when you are making your bed and that way, clutter will never build up.

10 Wardrobe Organising Tips

10 Wardrobe Organising Tips

Professional Organiser, organise my wardrobe

An organised wardrobe

With the change in seasons, it’s the perfect time to declutter and organise your wardrobe with all your winter items. Here’s 10 tips to help get you started.

1. Set time aside to declutter. Depending on the size and state of your wardrobe, it may take a couple of hours to get it organised, so set some time aside – perhaps half a day.

2. What to keep. Ask yourself when was the last time I wore it? Did it make me feel amazing? Have I worn it in the last 12 months? If not, then perhaps it’s time to go.

3. Group like items together and colour code. Colour coding your wardrobe makes finding things easier. As part of the declutter process, hang your clothing within categories (i.e. all blouses together and then colour coordinate them from light to dark, then pants again colour coordinated from light to dark and so on.

4. Make more room in your wardrobe. Store out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or under the bed.

5. Maximise the space in your wardrobe Use the space (both above and below the hanging rod) to store more items.

6. Hooks are great. Hooks can create extra storage space when you hang them inside the closet.

7. First Impressions. Use colour coordinated hangers for a clean organised look. Then place all the items facing the same way so it looks neater. It is also easier to go through your wardrobe when they are stored like this.

8. Logically organised. Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high.

9. We love baskets. Group like items together in baskets. We use lots of the Skubb boxes from Ikea. They come in a heap of different sizes and shapes and are perfect for storing socks, underwear and small items etc.

10. Show off your shoes. Get rid of any cardboard shoe boxes which make it hard to see what’s in each box. Opt for clear, front-loading boxes like plastic drop-front translucent shoe boxes found at Howards.



Declutter, Sort and Organise your Wardrobe

Is Your Wardobe Out of Control – Perhaps It’s Time to Declutter?

As I sit here watching the Spring Carnival Races on TV (I love my racing) there is one thing that comes to mind, my wardrobe for Spring Racing. Now, it’s a pretty important issue for every girl, don’t you think.

Time to declutter your wardrob

Time to declutter and organise your wardrobe?

Having decluttered the odd wardbrobe (or a hundred or so) for clients, I think I have got some good tips to offer. Not only can it act as a spring clean, but it can help you get ready for the spring racing season or the next season ahead of us.

I think wardrobe decluttering is something that should be done at least once a year. Did you know that on average, we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time? It’s amazing when I start asking clients – when was the last time your wore that outfit. The answer is always the same. So now is the time to start decluttering your wardrobe.

Here are some tips on how to declutter and organise your wardrobe:

Assign Some Time To Declutter

This kind of declutter job always takes longer than you think. You’re probably going to need at least half a day to organize your wardrobe.

Start Small

Don’t pull everything out of your wardrobe. You will be in a bigger mess than before you started and if you get called away by the kids or a phone call then you will have to deal with the big mess when you come back.

One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

I love this one. Anything that is good and you know would make a friend happy, then wash, iron and give it to your friend. (Just remember to do this within 2 weeks of your declutter session, otherwise you will find it will never leave your house!).

Make Some Money Fom Your Decluttering

For items that are designer or vintage, you can sell them on eBay.

Donate Them

For general items, they can be donated to your local charity store.

Repair Items

For items that need to be altered, drop it off for repair (and ideally within 2 weeks) otherwise you will forget and it will become clutter again and make its way back into your wardrobe!

Haven’t Worn it The Last Year?

The say bye, bye…if you haven’t had it out in the last 12 months then throw it in the “ditch it” pile. Certain classic items (i.e. LBD,) are exempt.

Keep, Throw Out or Maybe?

Be as ruthless as you can. These are the rules:

  • Anything that’s ripped, stained or worn needs must be thrown out.
  • Things that don’t fit must be thrown out or  put in the “maybe” pile. The same applies to anything that’s less than flattering.

Maybe? Maybe Not?

If you are indecisive you might have a huge maybe pile. Give all the items in this pile a second look using these rules:

  • If it doesn’t fit right now, is it likely to fit anytime soon?
  • If it needs cleaning or repairs, is it worth the cost? Then ask yourself, if you do get the repairs done will you wear it within the next 2 months? If not then perhaps it needs to go out.
  • If you’re emotionally attached to the item and absolutely can’t bear to part with it, put it on the keep pile. This ‘get out of jail free’ card is valid for a couple of items only, so be selective.

Organize Your Wardrobe

Now once you have gone through your wardrobe, now it’s time to put everything pack and organise it neatly. But first, give your wardrobe a quick wipe out remove and put away everything that doesn’t belong.

Organize your wardrobe with the clothing grouped by type or colour using good hangers and shoe trees and folding all non-hanging garments neatly. Leave a space between everything if you can as it helps with the tidy, ‘minimalist’ look.

Wardrobe Storage Product

You can buy some great storage product to help you keep your wardrobe organised. Ikea have some great fabric dividers that you can store all your underwear and socks in. There are also some good coat hangers that you can use to create more room in your wardrobe.  Felt covered hangers are perfect for silk tops and items that are inclined to slip off standard coat hangers.

If you need some help organizing your wardrobe, then contact us at The Lifestylers Group, as we love organizing wardrobes.

Until next time, happy organising.

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser.

Organising The Shoe Collection

Organised Shoes

Shoes are a girls best friend. We love them and you can never have enough of them.

There are some great products on the market for organising your shoes. The right product for you will be totally dependent on the amount of storage you have, how many shoes you have and how often your wear your shoes. Here are a couple of my favourite storage options.

Original Shoe Boxes

Some people like to keep their shoes in their original shoe box. They then take a photo of the shoes and stick them on the outside of the shoe box. That way it’s easy to see which shoes are in which boxes. Depending on the number of shoe boxes you have, you may also like to do a register, listing all your shoes with a corresponding image.

See Through Shoe Boxes

You can replace your cardboard shoe boxes with see through shoe boxes.

Fabric Shoe Holders

Whilst they may not look that great, you can use a fabric shoe holder which clips over your wardrobe pole and hangs down. However, this is not a good option if you don’t have a lot of hanging space.

Shoe Racks – Great For Organising Shoes

There is quite a range of wooden and metal shoe racks out there.  Checkout places like Ikea, Kmart and Howard storage and see their range. The extendable ones are good option.

Custom Made Shoe Racks

Now, if you are a serious shoe collector, then it may be worth having custom made shoe storage created.

There are lots of other shoe storage options out there. When selecting a storage product, you really need to assess how many shoes you have and the space available. So what are you waiting for. Its the perfect time to do a declutter and cull and organise your shoes.  Then once you have organised the shoe collection, you can start on other areas of the house – perhaps your makeup draw. For some handy tips on decluttering your make up draw you can review to declutter your makeup draw another blog designed to give you some tips and inspiration.

Until next time, happy organising.

By Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser

Declutter your Makeup Draw

Clear acrylic containers are great for storing and sorting makeup. They are easy to clean are functional and look good.

Transparent containers make it quick to find exactly the item that you are looking for.  So start decluttering your makeup draw and say good bye to makeup spread all over your vanity bench forever. By using a Makeup Organiser, you can arrange your products neatly in acrylic containers.

Check out http://www.hsw.com.au/?subcategory&id_cat=2&id_dept=7 for more ideas.

Good luck with make-up decluttering!

Until next time, Happy Organising

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser