Professional Organiser, organise my wardrobe

An organised wardrobe

With the change in seasons, it’s the perfect time to declutter and organise your wardrobe with all your winter items. Here’s 10 tips to help get you started.

1. Set time aside to declutter. Depending on the size and state of your wardrobe, it may take a couple of hours to get it organised, so set some time aside – perhaps half a day.

2. What to keep. Ask yourself when was the last time I wore it? Did it make me feel amazing? Have I worn it in the last 12 months? If not, then perhaps it’s time to go.

3. Group like items together and colour code. Colour coding your wardrobe makes finding things easier. As part of the declutter process, hang your clothing within categories (i.e. all blouses together and then colour coordinate them from light to dark, then pants again colour coordinated from light to dark and so on.

4. Make more room in your wardrobe. Store out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or under the bed.

5. Maximise the space in your wardrobe Use the space (both above and below the hanging rod) to store more items.

6. Hooks are great. Hooks can create extra storage space when you hang them inside the closet.

7. First Impressions. Use colour coordinated hangers for a clean organised look. Then place all the items facing the same way so it looks neater. It is also easier to go through your wardrobe when they are stored like this.

8. Logically organised. Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high.

9. We love baskets. Group like items together in baskets. We use lots of the Skubb boxes from Ikea. They come in a heap of different sizes and shapes and are perfect for storing socks, underwear and small items etc.

10. Show off your shoes. Get rid of any cardboard shoe boxes which make it hard to see what’s in each box. Opt for clear, front-loading boxes like plastic drop-front translucent shoe boxes found at Howards.