Organised Shoes

Shoes are a girls best friend. We love them and you can never have enough of them.

There are some great products on the market for organising your shoes. The right product for you will be totally dependent on the amount of storage you have, how many shoes you have and how often your wear your shoes. Here are a couple of my favourite storage options.

Original Shoe Boxes

Some people like to keep their shoes in their original shoe box. They then take a photo of the shoes and stick them on the outside of the shoe box. That way it’s easy to see which shoes are in which boxes. Depending on the number of shoe boxes you have, you may also like to do a register, listing all your shoes with a corresponding image.

See Through Shoe Boxes

You can replace your cardboard shoe boxes with see through shoe boxes.

Fabric Shoe Holders

Whilst they may not look that great, you can use a fabric shoe holder which clips over your wardrobe pole and hangs down. However, this is not a good option if you don’t have a lot of hanging space.

Shoe Racks – Great For Organising Shoes

There is quite a range of wooden and metal shoe racks out there.  Checkout places like Ikea, Kmart and Howard storage and see their range. The extendable ones are good option.

Custom Made Shoe Racks

Now, if you are a serious shoe collector, then it may be worth having custom made shoe storage created.

There are lots of other shoe storage options out there. When selecting a storage product, you really need to assess how many shoes you have and the space available. So what are you waiting for. Its the perfect time to do a declutter and cull and organise your shoes.  Then once you have organised the shoe collection, you can start on other areas of the house – perhaps your makeup draw. For some handy tips on decluttering your make up draw you can review to declutter your makeup draw another blog designed to give you some tips and inspiration.

Until next time, happy organising.

By Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser