6 stylish storage ottomans

I’m a big fan of storage solutions that not only help to keep your belongings organised, but have a dual purpose and look good too. I recently did a home office organising job and we used a gorgeous white leather ottoman in the office to store files. It looked great, was functional and ensured that there was no loose papers and files lying around the newly decluttered and organised office.

So I thought I would put together 6 stylish storage ottomans which can be used for storing things like spare blankets and cushions in.

Ikea Storage Ottoman

Ikea Storage Ottoman














This storage ottoman works just as well in the living room, hallway or bedroom. It has storage space under the seat. Plus, the cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. It’s both a stylish and practical bench that gives a warm, cosy feeling.


Cost: $399


When style matters – Linen fabric storage ottoman

Ottoman Storage

Linen Ottoman Storage













Modern and practical, this Life Linen Fabric Storage Ottoman is the perfect designer furniture piece for any bedroom, study room or home living decor. Not only great as a foot stool, it also offers generous storage space to store any unused items and declutter the room.


Cost $125.00


After a deep chocolate brown look?

Ottoman Storage

Chocolate Ottoman Storage














Then look no further. Offering more than meets the eye, the Jeremy Storage Ottoman from Resort Living provides stylish seating for your space while creating hidden storage for household items. The lift-up lid provides generous storage space for household linens and cushions.


Cost: $109.95

When style matters

Ottoman Storage

Plush Ottoman Storage





Refresh your home with a beautiful ottoman from the Plush range. They add instant colour, style and storage with the Roller Storage Ottoman. This one is available in a wide range of decorator fabrics too, so it will match any decor.




Is vintage more your look?

Ottoman Storage

Vintage Ottoman Storage







Add some vintage charm to your décor with this faux leather and brass Owen Storage Trunk.  It looks great, is upholstered in linen fabric, providing exceptional softness and durability. It’s a stylish form of storage that can hold anything from linens to shoes to books. This size is perfect for the living room, bedroom or reading nook.


Cost: $699


Space for more than just your feet

Ottoman Storage, declutter, organise

Ikea storage ottoman





As well as that extra put-your-feet-up comfort, they make great seats for guests, too. Plus, you can put things like magazines and toys in them.  But best of all, with this one they have a range of coordinated covers which makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look. The covers are easy to keep them clean as they can be removable and machine washed.


Cost: $249

Storage Products We Love

Declutter and organise your wardrobeHickson Hanger

Do you have clothing items you don’t wear just because you can’t find them in your wardrobe? Are you sick of trying to find a matching bra for your dress or top? Are you running out of hanging space? If you answered yes, then we have got the right hanger for you.

The multiple-garment Hickson Hanger will keep your wardrobe organised and saves you precious time.  Fit up to 8 items on 1 hanger.  Cost: $10.00




Declutter and organise your wardrobe

Under Bed Storage

Need more space to store stuff? This bed storage lets you keep things like duvets or winter clothes in under bed storage boxes or in a storage unit at the foot of your bed. So your things stay out of the way but still close at hand.  Cost: $39.95





Declutter and organise your wardrobeSkubb Storage Boxes

If chaos is king inside your drawers or wardrobe, the SKUBB storage series puts you back in charge. The boxes and hanging organisers come in different sizes which means you can divide your clothes, shoes and accessories so you find everything fast. The boxes also fold flat when not in use so you can store them away easily. The come in a range of colours including white, black, light green and pink.   Prices range from $9.99.


Declutter and organise your wardrobe


A two in one product which holds all your scarves or holds all your ties for him.

The Scarftastic has 8 rows to hold over 20 scarves or more than 40 ties.  Cost $12.00




Declutter and organise your wardrobe


As a professional organiser I cannot help myself. I like to get my clothes already and ironed the night before work so I’m all organised in the morning. This little number is perfect for this. Keep your suits crinkle free and in ready-to-wear condition with this Valet.

The hanger is designed with its sturdy in-built coat hanger at the back for jackets and a rail for pants to drape over. Neat and petite this handy all in one hanger  looks elegant in the corner of your master bedroom, guest room or office. Cost: $99.00


Declutter and organise your wardrobeBoot Keeper Clip – White

As experts in wardrobe organisation we know that shoe storage can make a difference to your life; and now it’s easy to preserve your boots and keep them next-occasion-ready thanks to the Boot Keeper Clip.

Use the Boot Keeper Clip to keep your prized winter shoes upright, in-shape and wrinkle-free. When you’re not using your boots, simply hang the ring on a doorknob or store them neatly in the base of your wardrobe! Whether you store your shoes in your wardrobe, the garage or at the front entrance to your home, the Boot Keeper provides a clever, easy to use space saving storage solution. Cost: $14.95



Declutter and organise your wardrobe

Inflatable Boot support

As another alternative, Booty Shapers are an inexpensive and simple way to preserve your investment. Don’t leave boots bending and crumpled at the bottom of your cupboard or tossed into a corner.

Inflate the inserts to keep boots in shape when they’re not being worn. It’s that simple. They are also a great travel accessory as they prevent your boots from getting squashed in your suitcase and they are reusable and ideal for summer storage. They contour to shape the boot but won’t stretch the leather and best of all, it keeps your wardrobe neat and organised. Visit Howards for more details. Cost $9.95