10 ways to add glamour to your bedroom

We spend enough time in there so why not make our bedroom clutter free, organised and stylish. Here’s 10 ways to add glamour to your bedroom and they won’t cost a fortune either. Plus, with the change in seasons, it’s the perfect time to declutter and organise your bedroom, add some pops of colour and freshen up the space.


1. Add a gorgeous headboard

Check out these gorgeous padded bedheads. Elegant and distinctive they come in a range of great colours and totally change a drab bed into a fab one in know time at all. Check out:

http://www.heatherlydesign.com.au/ for some stylish options.

Beautiful Bedroom

Beautiful Bedroom









2. Beautiful bed linen

You simply cannot go past the feeling of beautiful soft linen. You know that feeling when you stay at a luxury hotel and you climb into bed and go “ahha””. 1000 thread count all the way for me! If you plan your shopping well, buy your new linen when it’s on sale so it won’t cost a fortune either.

Visit: www.sheridan.com.au/1000tc-sheet-set-s0ld-b130-c242-749-midnight.html


Luxury Bedroom Linen

Luxury Bedroom Linen














3. Add texture with a beautiful throw

Organised Bedroom

Organised Bedroom














A quick and easy way to change the look and feel of your bedroom is with a throw. They come in so many different colours and textures; a throw rug immediately adds depth to any bed. Plus it provides extra warmth on those cold winter nights.



4. Cushions, cushions and more cushions

10 ways to add glamor to a bedroom

10 ways to add glamor to a bedroom














Visit: https://www.adairs.com.au/bedroom/bedspreads/bianca/rylee-coverlet?colour=White

My husband will tell you that I a mad for cushions. They just finish off a bed. Yes, you do need to take them off the bed of a night so you can sleep, but so what. They look great and finish off the perfect bed.


5. Add flowers

Beautiful Bedrooms

Beautiful Bedrooms















Fresh flowers add a lovely touch to any bedroom. It’s a cost effective way to add some style and brighten up any bedroom.

Image credit http://www.thepeakoftreschic.com



6. Mirror mirror on the wall

Beautiful Bedroom Mirrors

Beautiful Bedroom Mirrors













Mirrors help to create the illusion of space in any room. They also add depth and an element of light in your bedroom. As a tip, be sure to check what sort of hook you will need to hang your wall mirror with.

Image credit: www.houzz.com.au


7. Burn a candle

Beautiful bedrooms

Beautiful bedrooms

















These days their are so many amazing scented candles and diffusers that create beautiful aromas. Perfect for helping you to relax and ease into the perfect night’s sleep.

Image credit: http://lyfestyled.com.au


8. Rug up

Bedroom rugs

Bedroom rugs
















Add depth to your bedroom by including a floor rug. They come in so many amazing colours and styles, you are sure to find something to fit your style and décor.

Image credit: http://www.zgallerie.com/


9. Pretty as a picture

Beautiful bedrooms

Beautiful bedrooms

















Hanging pretty wall art, or pictures adds personality to any room. You can get some beautiful frames and images that will suit any room. Go for gold or silver, or keep it neutral or white, or make a statement with black.

Image credit: www.pinterest.com.au


10. Clear the clutter










Clear the clutter and surround yourself with meaningful objects. Create a peaceful and relaxing place perfect for rest and rejuvenation. Have you got too much stuff sitting on your bedside table? Is your chest of draws full of things that you never use? Are clothes just dumped on the floor?

Their is nothing better than waking up in the morning to a clutter free bedroom. Commit to do a quick clean up every morning when you are making your bed and that way, clutter will never build up.

10 tips for planning the perfect kid’s party

These 10 tips for planning the perfect kid’s party cover off on the key things you need to address when organising a kids birthday party. So good luck with planning your little munchkins party.

  1. Set your budget
Organising the perfect kids party

Organising the perfect kids party

















Image credit: blog.hwtm.com

Remember, it’s a birthday party not an 18th or a 21st birthday party.

Some people love big extravagant party’s and some don’t. It really comes down to you, your family and your budget. The key is to not put yourself under too much pressure. It’s also worthwhile to keep in mind that if you do an amazing party this year, you may feel the pressure to repeat it again next year. I have found that the first born seems to get the amazing party and then the second child misses out. I know that we had a really big party for our first daughters first birthday then had a lower key party for my second child (and I felt a bit guilty about it).


2.  Set the date and time

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Kids Birthday Party Ideas
















Image credit: http://karaspartyideas.com/

Set the party date early as everyone seems to live such busy lives these days that it’s good to give as much notice as possible. Plus, depending on the age of your child you may need to consider any sporting commitments the kids may have.


3. Select the venue

Kids birthday party

Kids birthday party
















Image credit: pinterest / http://www.burlapandblue.com/

Now you need to decide if you are having your party at home or at a venue. Both have their pros and cons. If you want a smaller party, then having it at home is perfect. Plus, it often motivates you to do a bit of spring cleaning and decluttering in preparation for the big day.

It’s amazing how the garden improves and the windows get washed when you have a party, so you can benefit from all this extra cleaning after the party has been and gone.

However, if you want a bigger party where you can just walk in and it’s all set up, you might need to find an external venue such as a play centre, sporting facility or function room. Just remember that most venues will charge a room hire to use their room, which adds to the cost of the party. You will most likely have to pay for venue staff and possibly use their food or choice of caterers. So, if you want to bring in your own food or use your choice of caterer be sure to ask these questions before you book.

The other thing to remember is that their will be a set time at which point you must be out of the venue by. You will also need to check how early you can get access to the venue to set up. If you are having an elaborate theme and setup, you will need to ensure you negotiate an early access time to the venue.


4. Planning the menu

Party Food

Party Food
















Image credit: pinterest / jacqy918.tumblr.com

For a first birthday, let’s be honest it’s mostly about the parents, however if you have older kids then you will definitely need some party food too. If you are doing it yourself, select food that can be prepared the day before and only needs to be heated up on the day. Food like:

  • mini quiches
  • sausage rolls
  • chicken balls and
  • risotto balls

Can all be made ahead of time taking the pressure off you on the day. Then, you just need to reheat them on the day.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in the kitchen all day when you have got guests. To make it a bit easier you might even decide to purchase some of the food off a caterer which means you only need to make some of the food and not all of it.

You will also need to consider if there is any special dietary requirements that you need to cater for. You need to be really careful about nuts and allergies these days.


5.  The birthday cake

Kids Birthday Cake

Kids Birthday Cake
















Image credit: Pinterest / projectnursery.com

Will you make or buy the birthday cake? If you are buying it, most places need a couple of weeks’ notice. Also, keep in mind that the more detailed cake design you have, the more notice they will need.

If you are making the cake, do you need to do a trial run a couple of weeks before the big day? I wish I had with my son’s birthday. He had a Peter Rabbit themed party and I had seen a cake that I wanted to recreate. I made the cake which turned out perfectly, however I couldn’t get the right coloured blue food die to match the picture I had. I then had to go and buy a different coloured blue at the last minute because when I mixed it up, it wasn’t the right colour. This is something that I would not have known until I started mixing the colour.

Write a list of all the things you might need for the cake:

  • Do you need to buy a special cake tin?
  • Have you got all the ingredients for the cake?
  • What sort of icing are you going to have?
  • Have you got the right coloured candles and plate to put the cake on?
  • Do you need any cake decorating equipment?
  • Do you need to buy sugar flowers, ribbon etc.?

You will definitely need to consider all of these things if you are going to make the cake.


6. Design your invitations

Kids Birthday Card

Kids Birthday Card








Image credit: https://www.paperdivas.com.au

How do you want to invite your guests? Are you keeping it simple and will you just call or email your guests? Or do you want to design and mail out invitations to match the theme of the party?

Consider if you need to also have printed: matching

  • Envelopes (Don’t forget your stamps either)
  • Thank you cards
  • Stickers for drinks, food signage and goodie bags.

If you are having them printed, you will need to allow time for printing and mailing. Check also if they supply matching envelopes or if you need to purchase envelopes seperately.

If you want printed invitations, check out these websites. They are easy to use and you can quickly create great invitations that can be printed off, or they can print them for you.



Now is the time to also check and make sure you have everyone’s addresses. If you want to get really organised you could type the addresses up in Excel, then do a mail merge and print off the address labels. This is really useful if you plan on sending out thank notes or using the addresses again to send Christmas cards to.

Guest list
With your guest list you will want to keep a record of who you’ve invited to the party, as well as who has RSVPed and any special meal requests they might have. Keep in mind that big is not always best.


7. Choose your theme

Now the fun begins. Time to decided on your colour scheme and theme for the party.

Party Theme

Party Theme
















Pinterest / birthdaygirlblog.com

10 tips for planning the perfect kid’s party

10 tips for planning the perfect kid’s party













Image credit: http://myperfectevent.com.au


8. Manners

I am a big one for manners. Now is the perfect time to remind your child about the importance of thanking their guest for any presents they may bring. Plus, making sure that no kids are left out from the activities and looking after their little guests is important too.


9. Clean out the toys

With a birthday party comes lots of new toys. So I use this time to do a big clean out of old and broken toys or toys that the kids have grown out of. Otherwise, you just end up with the biggest pile of toys that you then need to keep tidy and organised.


10. Runsheet

As a former event manager I LOVE a run sheet. I cannot help myself. I do a run sheet that lists when everything is happening and who is doing it. It helps me to keep organised, not miss anything and on schedule. It should list all of the tasks that need to be done prior to the party as well as on the day.

Here’s a sample of tasks that you would include on your run sheet:


Date Task Who is responsible for this Done
Do my budget
Set the date
Select the venue
Decide on a party theme
Design and proof the invitations
Print invitations
Purchase stamps and envelopes
Print out address labels
Mail off invitations
Order birthday cake
Plan the menu
Purchase the birthday gift and card
Organise the child’s birthday outfit
Finalise the guest numbers


6 stylish storage ottomans

I’m a big fan of storage solutions that not only help to keep your belongings organised, but have a dual purpose and look good too. I recently did a home office organising job and we used a gorgeous white leather ottoman in the office to store files. It looked great, was functional and ensured that there was no loose papers and files lying around the newly decluttered and organised office.

So I thought I would put together 6 stylish storage ottomans which can be used for storing things like spare blankets and cushions in.

Ikea Storage Ottoman

Ikea Storage Ottoman














This storage ottoman works just as well in the living room, hallway or bedroom. It has storage space under the seat. Plus, the cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. It’s both a stylish and practical bench that gives a warm, cosy feeling.


Cost: $399


When style matters – Linen fabric storage ottoman

Ottoman Storage

Linen Ottoman Storage













Modern and practical, this Life Linen Fabric Storage Ottoman is the perfect designer furniture piece for any bedroom, study room or home living decor. Not only great as a foot stool, it also offers generous storage space to store any unused items and declutter the room.


Cost $125.00


After a deep chocolate brown look?

Ottoman Storage

Chocolate Ottoman Storage














Then look no further. Offering more than meets the eye, the Jeremy Storage Ottoman from Resort Living provides stylish seating for your space while creating hidden storage for household items. The lift-up lid provides generous storage space for household linens and cushions.


Cost: $109.95

When style matters

Ottoman Storage

Plush Ottoman Storage





Refresh your home with a beautiful ottoman from the Plush range. They add instant colour, style and storage with the Roller Storage Ottoman. This one is available in a wide range of decorator fabrics too, so it will match any decor.




Is vintage more your look?

Ottoman Storage

Vintage Ottoman Storage







Add some vintage charm to your décor with this faux leather and brass Owen Storage Trunk.  It looks great, is upholstered in linen fabric, providing exceptional softness and durability. It’s a stylish form of storage that can hold anything from linens to shoes to books. This size is perfect for the living room, bedroom or reading nook.


Cost: $699


Space for more than just your feet

Ottoman Storage, declutter, organise

Ikea storage ottoman





As well as that extra put-your-feet-up comfort, they make great seats for guests, too. Plus, you can put things like magazines and toys in them.  But best of all, with this one they have a range of coordinated covers which makes it easy for you to give your furniture a new look. The covers are easy to keep them clean as they can be removable and machine washed.


Cost: $249

Decluttering the Peter Walsh Way

Decluttering the Peter Walsh Way

I have met Peter Walsh a number of times and have heard him speak on all things decluttering and organising. It’s great to see an Aussie be so successful in the USA especially on a topic that I am so passionate about also. He is a lovely, down to earth guy who has some very practical tips to help you declutter and get organised. Decluttering the Peter Walsh way is fun and an easy process.  After watching him on the Living Room, it got me inspired so I have included a couple of my favourite Peter Walsh declutter tips below. I hope you find them useful too.

Peter Walsh and Natalie Morey

Peter Walsh with Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser, The Lifestylers Group






























He once said that “the secret to successful decluttering is this: you’ll never get organized if you don’t have a vision for the life you want”. This is so true. People have got to want to change the way they do things. They need to have a goal in mind about how they want that space to work. When I start working with a client, I get them to stand in the room and tell me how they would like to see it. It helps them develop a vision and get them motivated for the declutter process.

Another point that I think is really important to mention is that a large portion of why people need help to declutter and get organised is that they have developed bad habits. The kitchen table becomes the dumping ground for your bag, the mail and anything else you bring into the house. That pile of newspapers sits on the bench because you plan to read them at some point.  When we do a declutter session with our clients we spend some time talking about this, because it’s important that people start to identify how and why the clutter is building up in their home.

Decluttering the Peter Walsh Way – The Linen Press

I love Peter Walsh’s brilliantly simple linen system. To store his white sheets, he the folds fitted sheet, top sheet, and extra pillowcases inside a pillowcase of the same set. Needless to say, he never has to ransack his linen press for an elusive match.

Decluttering a Linen Press

Decluttering a Linen Press

Decluttering the Kitchen

Decluttering the Kitchen











Image Credit: Photo: David Tsay



Decluttering the Peter Walsh Way – Plastic Food Storage Containers

To avoid accumulating a draw full of mismatched plastic containers in ten colours, Peter Walsh uses just one brand of food storage container so lids will always fit. He stacks just a few sizes in a cabinet for easy access.

However, if you don’t want to have the cost of replacing all of your plastic containers at once start with this declutter tip. It’s one of the first things I do when I am decluttering plastic containers in a client’s kitchen. Match up all the containers and get rid of any that don’t have any lids. I cannot tell you how many times I find tones of missing lids in client’s homes. They clutter up the cupboard and just get moved from one spot to another, because you can never find the matching lid. Once you have done this, stack them neatly inside each other to save space.

Decluttering your wardrobe

Decluttering your wardrobe



Decluttering the Peter Walsh Way – Wardrobe Decluttering: Reverse Coat Hanger Trick

Turn all the clothes hanging in your wardrobe so that the hangers face back-to-front. For the next six months, if you wear an item of clothing, return it to the wardrobe with the hanger facing the correct way. If you try it on but decide not to wear it, make sure you put it back with the hanger turned backward. No cheating. Be prepared for a shock; you are going to find you own lots of clothes you never wear. You should seriously consider decluttering and getting rid of anything you don’t wear regularly.

I love this quote by Peter Walsh: “Set limits for the amount of space you’re prepared to dedicate to items i.e. clothes, toys etc. – and stick to those limits. Three bins for toys, four shelves for baby cloths. Kids only need you, not all the stuff you feel attracted to”.

Keeping toys organised is a big problem many of our clients face. I am a big believer of the principal  “one in”  “one out” when it comes to containing the amount of “stuff” you have . So next time your child is given a toy, select an existing toy that you can donate to charity and know that you will be giving it to a child less fortunate than yours.

If you need help with your decluttering and home organising, then contact The Lifestylers Group. Based in Melbourne, we are experts at helping people to declutter and organise their homes, lives and houses.

Storage Products We Love

Declutter and organise your wardrobeHickson Hanger

Do you have clothing items you don’t wear just because you can’t find them in your wardrobe? Are you sick of trying to find a matching bra for your dress or top? Are you running out of hanging space? If you answered yes, then we have got the right hanger for you.

The multiple-garment Hickson Hanger will keep your wardrobe organised and saves you precious time.  Fit up to 8 items on 1 hanger.  Cost: $10.00




Declutter and organise your wardrobe

Under Bed Storage

Need more space to store stuff? This bed storage lets you keep things like duvets or winter clothes in under bed storage boxes or in a storage unit at the foot of your bed. So your things stay out of the way but still close at hand.  Cost: $39.95





Declutter and organise your wardrobeSkubb Storage Boxes

If chaos is king inside your drawers or wardrobe, the SKUBB storage series puts you back in charge. The boxes and hanging organisers come in different sizes which means you can divide your clothes, shoes and accessories so you find everything fast. The boxes also fold flat when not in use so you can store them away easily. The come in a range of colours including white, black, light green and pink.   Prices range from $9.99.


Declutter and organise your wardrobe


A two in one product which holds all your scarves or holds all your ties for him.

The Scarftastic has 8 rows to hold over 20 scarves or more than 40 ties.  Cost $12.00




Declutter and organise your wardrobe


As a professional organiser I cannot help myself. I like to get my clothes already and ironed the night before work so I’m all organised in the morning. This little number is perfect for this. Keep your suits crinkle free and in ready-to-wear condition with this Valet.

The hanger is designed with its sturdy in-built coat hanger at the back for jackets and a rail for pants to drape over. Neat and petite this handy all in one hanger  looks elegant in the corner of your master bedroom, guest room or office. Cost: $99.00


Declutter and organise your wardrobeBoot Keeper Clip – White

As experts in wardrobe organisation we know that shoe storage can make a difference to your life; and now it’s easy to preserve your boots and keep them next-occasion-ready thanks to the Boot Keeper Clip.

Use the Boot Keeper Clip to keep your prized winter shoes upright, in-shape and wrinkle-free. When you’re not using your boots, simply hang the ring on a doorknob or store them neatly in the base of your wardrobe! Whether you store your shoes in your wardrobe, the garage or at the front entrance to your home, the Boot Keeper provides a clever, easy to use space saving storage solution. Cost: $14.95



Declutter and organise your wardrobe

Inflatable Boot support

As another alternative, Booty Shapers are an inexpensive and simple way to preserve your investment. Don’t leave boots bending and crumpled at the bottom of your cupboard or tossed into a corner.

Inflate the inserts to keep boots in shape when they’re not being worn. It’s that simple. They are also a great travel accessory as they prevent your boots from getting squashed in your suitcase and they are reusable and ideal for summer storage. They contour to shape the boot but won’t stretch the leather and best of all, it keeps your wardrobe neat and organised. Visit Howards for more details. Cost $9.95