How to Stay Organized

We love label makers. As professional organizers we love to label things. Labels help us organize and sort our space and make it so much easier to know where things should be put back.

If you have kids or other people who put items away in your house, it makes it easier for everyone to know where the items go. Best of all, there can be no more excuses from family members because they were not sure where to put things!

Here are some things you can label:

  •  Label your in tray
  •  Label your pantry food containers and the shelf where they belong
  •  Label your kids clothes
  •  Label your linen press, so you know where your flat, fitted, king and queen sheets should go.
  •  Label your warranty documents
  • Label your folders which contain all your paper work such as gas, electricity, water, phone bills.
  • Label your desk accessories.


Declutter, Sort and Lable your Desk Accessories

Professional Organising Tip 1:

Always have some spare tape and batteries on hand. There is nothing worse than running out of tape or batteries when you are half way through a label.

Professional Organising Tip 2:

Buy a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries so you never run out!

Good luck with your labelling!


Until next time, Happy Organising.

By Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser