The cupboard under the kitchen sink is one of the most cluttered and messy spaces. A quick declutter of this space will have it looking organised and user friendly in a short time.

I was flicking through some old magazines and come across this from Howard Storage World, Summer 2010, Issue 4 and thought it was great. Hope you like it too.

Declutter and organise under the kitchen sink

Some quick tips on how to declutter, order and sort under the kitchen sink.

 Here are my few tips for decluttering under your kitchen sink:

Step 1: Clear everything out from under the sink and clean the space.

Step 2: Sort through and throw out items that are out of date or you don’t use.

Step 3: Use baskets to group items together. Lift-out baskets are great as you can easily get to the items.

Step 4: Utilize as much space as you are able. 3M hooks are also great for sticking small wire baskets to the back of the doors to store things like cleaning cloths, dish cloths etc

Until next time, Happy Organising!

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser