How to Get Your Mail Organised

Here are a few quick tips to help you start managing your mail clutter.

  1. Don’t sit the mail on the bench and say “I will come back and sort it out later”.
  2. When bringing the mail in from the mail box, open it straight away (standing over the bin), throwing out the envelopes and any junk mail/magazines.
  3. Ask yourself, “will I really read this catalogue or newspaper”?
  4. Once you have a pile of relevant mail, you then need to decide what action to take. Many people keep catalogues, saying that they will read it later, but they never do.
  5. Set a timeframe in which you must read the item and then throw it out. Take the mail out of the kitchen and into your “office” space.
  6. If your kitchen bench is going to be clutter free, it is really important to get into a good habit about managing your mail.

Until next time, Happy Organising

By Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser