It’s that time again – Spring Cleaning Season.

September and October are a great excuse to do that annual Spring Clean. Your place looks great, it feels fresh, you feel great and it provides the perfect time to get rid of all that clutter that has built up over the past 12 months. Of course there is the usual carpet and window cleaning, wall washing, balcony cleaning and rubbish removal. However, a Spring Clean also provides the opportunity to go through those old piles of magazines and papers and throw them out.

Here are some other tips  which makes spring cleaning and organising quicker and easier… and we all like that!

Natural Cleaning Products

I love natural cleaning products. I often wonder with all those smells and chemicals that we are spraying into our house, what are we doing to our environment and more importantly, what are we breathing in.

My all time favorite cleaning product is Bicard (sodium bicarbonate baking soda). When mixed with Vinegar it becomes a fantastic cleaner and sanitizer. They say that cider vinegar is best on hard surfaces and that white vinegar is good to use on white marble and fabrics.

Shower Heads

If sediment has built up on your shower head and is blocking the spray of your water flow, then it’s easily fixed. Unblock the head of your shower by placing some vinegar and bicard soda in a plastic zip lock bag, put it over the shower head, zip up and leave overnight.

Window cleaning

Methylated spirits and water in a spray pack works a treat on your windows.

Chandelier cleaning

Did you know that there are professional chandelier cleaners that you can hire to do this.

Spring cleaning and decluttering the wardobe and need to donate old work clothes

Of course there are the well known places like St Vinnie’s and The Red Cross, but did you know there is a great organisation called Fitted for Work, They collect old and unwanted suits and give them to disadvantaged women who are trying to enter the workforce. It’s a great concept and one worth supporting.

Until next time, Happy Organising.

By Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser