Be organised and spring clean the environmentally friendly way

As I get older, I have become more concerned with what we are spraying around our house and environments and more importantly what  we are breathing in.

So, I have started to use an oldie by a good option – bicarb soda and vinegar. You can clean just about anything with it. Sprinkle a little on your bench tops, then put some vinegar onto your dishcloth and wipe over the bench. The vinegar will start to bubble when it comes in contact with the bicarb soda. You know that it is doing the cleaning for you and that most importantly you are not breathing in any dangerous chemicals.  It does a great job.

You can use bicarb soda on other things like:

  • Sprinkle it in your shoes to keep them fresh.
  • Put a little bowl in your fridge to remove any odors

You should also check out the book: Bicarbonate of Soda, Expert Advise by Diane Sutherland, Jon Sutherland, Liz Keevill and Keith Eyers. It is a great little book and has tips on cleaning practically anything in your house in an environmentally friendly way using Bicarb.

Until next time, Happy Organising.

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser