Get Organised For Christmas

As a professional organiser, I love nothing more than planning for my Christmas. I started my Christmas shopping several months ago. I am always thinking about gifts that I can buy family and friends and great recipes that I can try. Now, I understand that not all people are that way inclined, so I have listed below some tips to help you start planning for the big day.

With only nine weeks to go before the big day, it’s time to start getting organised for Christmas. You can avoid the traffic mayhem, the parking challenges, the frustration of finding out that the perfect gift you wanted to buy is sold out by a little forward planning.

Christmas Organising

So with only 9 weeks to go until Christmas, the first thing I wanted to focus on is getting the house in order for all those extra guests or parties that you will be having.

First, review what maintenance needs to be done around the house like painting, repairs, pictures to be hung and those small annoying little maintenance issues etc. As it gets closer to Christmas it gets harder to get a good handyman or builder as they are all booked out, so book your handyman now.

Christmas Spring Cleaning

Secondly, if you have not finished your spring cleaning, now is the perfect time to finish it off. Now is the time to:

  • Wash the windows inside and outside
  • Get the carpet, blinds, sofa’s and upholstery cleaned
  • Tidy up the garden

Decluttering The Spare Room

Thirdly, now is the perfect time to get the spare room organised. You can purchase some really nifty storage solutions that will look great in the spare room, whilst providing the perfect storage solution to contain all the clutter.

Ottaman Bench Storage

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Whether it is a computer cupboard that contains all the papers and mess, a storage bench, a fold-up bed that comes out from the wall or an ottoman that doubles as a pull out bed, you can find some versatile storage solutions.


Ottaman Foldout Sofabed

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Perhaps you might need to purchase new linen, doona covers, pillows or matching towels. Plan to purchase these items soon, rather than the week before Christmas, when stock levels are low.

Now, look at what items are cluttering up the room. Think about the things and decide what should be thrown out, what can be donated to charity and what can be sold on eBay. If you plan your declutter well, find out when your next hard rubbish waste collection is and get rid of any unwanted furniture and avoid having to pay for rubbish removal or skip fees.

With a bit of forward planning and professional organising you can avoid many of those last minute stresses like trying to get your home ready for Christmas.

Happy Christmas Planning!

Natalie Morey

Professional Organiser.