Are You Organized for Christmas?

If you are anything like me, you will set up your Christmas tree on the 1st of December. Although I must say that I am having a bit of a dilemma this year. We move house on the 18th of December! Hmmm do I put the tree up on the 1st or the 18th of December? I think I might have to go for a mini tree this year, and perhaps upgrade to the full size Christmas tree on the 18th. Perhaps I can get the removalist to deliver our goods in the morning and have a tree delivered in the afternoon. I love the spirit behind Christmas and just could not go without having a tree. I also love the anticipation of getting ready for Christmas and with some forward planning, it does not have to be too stressful.

Christmas Organizing Tips

Everyone loves a beautifully decorated tree. My tip is to think about the colour schedule for your Christmas tree and decorations in advance. Good decorations always sell out first so a bit of forward planning will ensure your tree looks great and is colour coordinated.

Christmas Entertaining

Finalise any guest lists for Christmas lunch or other functions that you might be hosting. Then you can check and see if you are missing any crockery, cutlery and purchase it early. You know when you only have a setting for 8, but you have got 10 guests for lunch and at the last minute you are scrounging around to find an extra two table settings that look vaguely similar to the other eight ones. Yes, you know what I mean.

Christmas Pet and House Minding

If you have not already done so, book your pet minding services. Good suppliers book out early so this is really important.

If you are going away you may also need to start thinking about who can look after your house, water the plants and collect the mail, whilst you are gone. If you cannot get a friend or family member to assist, perhaps you could use the servicing of a company that will check up on your house, water the plants and collect the mail whilst you are on holidays. The Lifestylers Group do exactly that

Spare Christmas Presents

Stock up on a few spare presents.  It might also be a good idea to pick up a few practical and versatile ones, “just in case” you need them.

Christmas Cards

We love receiving them, but somehow never get around to writing them.

Do you find that yet another Christmas has past and you didn’t get around to sending out your Christmas cards? Well this year, you can change that. Set yourself a goal. Perhaps your goal could be to write 2 cards a night, whilst you are sitting in front of the TV. Now when you put it like that, how could you not be organised this Christmas?

Happy Christmas Organising.

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser.