Storing Magazines

I love my monthly subscription to Gourmet Traveller, but after a couple of years  I’ve started to collect quite the pile of magazines. I often (and when I say often, I mean every couple of weeks) refer back to them as I love cooking and searching for new inspirations so I don’t necessarily want to throw them out, but I need to organise and store them differently.

Declutter your Magazines

Firstly, you need to do a cull. As professional organisers, our job is to go into clients homes and help organise their rooms. I am forever telling clients that there is only so much professional organising we can do. To get the most impact you often need to reduce down the amount of “stuff” that you have first, in order to get the most out of the organising sessions and the space.

Organise your Magazines

My first tip is to turn your magazines into a feature of your living room. Sort your mags into date order and group accordingly to the different publications. Then, lay them flat and put the biggest ones on the bottom of the pile and smaller ones on top. During this process you may decide to cull ones that you know you won’t refer to again.

Or alternatively, you may cut out recipes/articles that you think you will use, place them in a labelled folder and throw the rest out. Remember to recycle them too.

Place your pile of mags (about 40cm high) on the floor, perhaps next to your sofa or wall and then place a picture frame or little ornament on them. Your once pile of messy mags now takes on a whole new designer look.

For the serious magazine hoarder, this may not work, so you may need to look for different storage options.

You can also use cardboard magazine holders. You can get a great range of colours from places like kikki-k and Officeworks. Group your magazines by title and then order by month. Don’t forget to label the magazine holders accordingly.

Every 6 – 12 months you will need to do a cull.  Some people like the method whereby when you purchase a new mag, you have to throw one out. It really comes down to how often you will refer back to them, how much space you have and how many magazines you have collected.

Happy magazine organising.


Natalie Morey

Professional Organiser