Help? My Desk Needs Some Serious Decluttering and Sorting

Some days I look at my desk and think the amount of papers must have multiplied overnight. I’m sure it didn’t look that messy yesterday. I just want a clean and organised desk and maybe if I just click my fingers, the papers will shuffle into order. I wish!

One handy tip I’ve learned is to set up a filing tray, because I know that I don’t put my papers away immediately. At least this organises part of the roaming papers that clutter my desk.

Storage Ideas to Clear The Clutter On My Desk

Note to self – I must get a toast rack type filing stand for my desk. If I do that, it can house my active files when I’m not actually using them. As it stands upright, this will give me a more clear desk space.  Finally, I feel like I’m winning the paper war and might actually get a tidy desk.

Now, lastly, what does your desk look like? Can I even see it under the bulk of papers?

Until I implemented a paper management system in the office, I frequently had piles of papers stacked up neatly on the floor.

Set Up an In- Tray

We spend enough time at the office as it is. Don’t waste time trying to find your files. Set up a couple of filing trays. Clearly label them. Also label your folders and hanging pockets, which are placed in your toaster rack. It will make the office run just that bit smoother.

It doesn’t take long to set up a paper management system for your home office. Trust me – it will save you time in the long run. The obstacles on the floor of course disappear into your system. How many things do you have to walk around or over to get to your desk? Now is the time to organize your office.

If your desk is overwhelming and needs some decluttering and sorting, then the first thing you need to do is write a list and make a plan as to how you are going to organise it. In a previous blog article, we wrote about get organized and write a to do list. It really does help if you write it down on paper. Once I have a list written down, I automatically feel more organised. I feel more focussed and it is great as I can tick things off the list as I complete them.

By Melissa Morey, Professional Organiser