Clutter are things that you no longer use or love and it’s also those items that start to effect the way you run your house or life because they start to build up and take over the space. I’m sure that if I asked the question, most people would say that I have clutter in my house.

Clutter in my house

I believe that there are two main types of clutter. Emotional clutter and physical clutter. Both of these types of clutter have an impact on your life. In this blog, I am going to concentration on the physical clutter in your home and home office.

Clutter in your house is:

  • All those odd socks that are still in your draw – but clearly you are never going to wear
  • The broken TV or printer.
  • The piles of unopened junk mail and old newspapers.
  • All those plastic butter containers or jam jars that might come in useful one day.
  • All the piles of papers  on your desk or office floor
  • Expired medicine in your bathroom
  • Things that might be broken but (for sentimental reasons) you cannot throw it out (even though it can be no longer used)
  • The boxes of stuff that have not been unpacked from your recent house move, because there is no space for them
  • The junk mail that you collected from the mail box. (You know it’s just junk mail, but you still bring it inside, telling yourselves – I will read that later)
  • The things that remind you of a difficult time in your life.
  • The things you liked ten years ago but your tastes have changed.
  • Those shoes that you wore once but can’t bear to part with because you paid $300 for them!

We all have clutter in our house. Some people just have more clutter than others and as a result don’t know what to do with it.

Clutter in my house becomes a problem when:

  • You run out of room
  • When there is “stuff” sitting on benchtops or on the floor
  • You feel frustrated at the state of your own home or home office
  • It takes you an extra 15 minutes in the morning to get ready, because you cannot find anything to wear
  • When you cannot find things.
  • When you pay a bill late because you misplaced the invoice.
  • You don’t want to invite friends over because of what your house looks like
  • You buy duplicate items because you could not find the original one.

What stops people from clearing the clutter?

The key thing that stops people from dealing with their clutter is:

  • Procrastination
  • Feeling whelmed and not knowing where to begin.

Did you know that on average we use 20% of our possessions 80% of the time? Now that is a lot of clutter that is not being used at any one time. So that is something to consider when the clutter starts building up in your home, wardrobe, kitchen or home office.

Clutter in my house

For tips on help you clear the clutter click here.

If you need help to clear the clutter in your home then contact The Lifestylers Group. We are experts at helping people to clear the clutter and reclaim your home and life.  We have a team of trained professional organisers, all of whom specialise in different areas of the home. They are experienced, discrete and love helping people clear the clutter.