Christmas Organising

As professional organisers we like to be organised and start planning things well in advance, especially when it comes to Christmas. Suppliers book out quickly, so it is important to start thinking about the services you might need over the Christmas and holiday period. Home security becomes even more important at Christmas and holiday time, so now is the time to start thinking about this. Here are some tips for holiday home safety this Christmas.

Christmas Home Security Tips

  • This may sound a little strange, however don’t display your Christmas tree and gifts right in the front window. Whilst it looks great with the Christmas lights flashing, it’s also an invitation for burglars to check out your Christmas shopping! If you must place your tree in front of the window, make sure you display them in a way that they are not too obvious.
  • This is an oldie but a goodie – Don’t hide your door key under a mat. The first place a burglar will look for a house key is under a mat. And the second place that they will look is under a rock, flower pot or door ledge, so think again when you are hiding your key.
  • Speak with a trusted friend or neighbour and leave a spare key with them, if you need to. Alternatively, you could use The Lifestylers Group, key holding service.
  • I’m sure your Christmas lights look amazing, however be mindful of your security if you run a cord from inside the house, out to the lights. Even if it’s ajar, this provides easy access for would-be criminals. I always say that opportunity creates a thief.
  • Don’t leave information on you answering machine that indicates you’re on holidays.
  • If you are away for a while, be careful that your answer machine doesn’t fill up with messages – as it’s another clue that you’re not home.
  • Arrange to forward your home phone number to your mobile, a neighbour or to The Lifestylers Group for the duration of your holiday.
  • Keep your drapes or blinds closed at night. If you’re not there, then get someone to pop in each night to close the blinds and open them in the morning.
  • Buy an inexpensive, 24 hour timer for your lamps. This turns them on and off, giving the illusion that you are home.
  • Don’t leave your rubbish bins out on the street.
  • A good friend of mine once left their rubbish bin out for two nights and on the third day, they got broken into.
  • Don’t let newspapers pile up on your front door step. Get Australia Post to hold your mail. It only costs a small amount. If you have run out of time, then get The Lifestylers Group to do it for you.

One of the girls at work always says “Opportunity creates a thief”. What opportunities are you providing for a would-be thief?

The Christmas Organising Services

If you need help in organising your home security this Christmas then contact The Lifestylers Group. The Lifestylers Group can visit your home, put the blinds up and down each day, water the plants and the put the rubbish bins out (and most importantly retrieve them). We can also collect and action your mail, pay your bills and follow up on any urgent correspondence whilst you are on leave. So, now you can relax and enjoy your holiday. For more information, call The Lifestylers Group on 03 9421 1070.

Until next time, happy organising.

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser