So, what is a relocation agent and what do they do? And more importantly, how can a relocation agent help me find a rental property and move house? These are often questions that we get asked. Using a relocation agent to help find a rental property makes sense, once you understand the service they can offer. Anything that makes finding a rental property less painful has got to be good.

Many executives relocating will have heard of the term, or there HR department will have worked with a relocation agent to help them relocate new staff. However, if you are not an executive you may not have heard of the term, relocation agent, let alone know how a relocation agent can help you to move house.

Or, like many people, you may not have even considered using a relocation agent. Especially, if you live locally in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and are only moving locally because you associate using such a service with people moving from overseas.

However, these are all myths. Did you know?

  1. You don’t have to be an executive to use a relocation agent to help you find a new rental property and move house.
  2. You don’t have to be relocating to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth from Dubai, or anywhere overseas for that matter. We have lots of local clients that use the services of our relocation agents, simply because they don’t have the time to find a rental property.
  3. Big companies aren’t the only ones to use relocation agents.
  4. Relocation agents don’t cost a fortunate either. TIP: If you are relocating for work and you have not been given a relocation allowance or budget, then you can often claim the cost of your relocation agent with your annual tax return.

We get lots of calls from local clients. They may have come across us in despair after searching the net for some assistance to help them move house. Often, they are struggling to find the time to attend the set open for inspections or they just simply don’t have the time to spend searching for a property in the first place. Or they might be from interstate and cannot attend the open for inspections. Having been informed by the real-estate agent that they cannot submit an application until they or their representative has inspected it, they start the search for assistance and stumble across the term “relocation agent”.

We work with lots of different types of people to help them find a rental property – Doctors, fashion designers, engineers, professors, and dentists. All of our clients face similar challenges though. They don’t have the time to find a rental property, or cannot be in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth to look at properties. Or they might not know what area they want to live in or have been applying for properties and have been unsuccessful. So that is when a relocation agent can be of great benefit.

The first thing we get our clients to do is complete a detailed “needs analysis”. This helps us understand more about the client and exactly what sort of property they are looking for. We then personally speak with all clients once we have received their needs analysis to get a further insight into our client’s lives and requirements.

We then start the search, looking for the right rental property. We might also speak with local agents to see what new properties may be about to hit the market.

We then shortlist a range of properties that we believe match their relocation brief. They then review this list of properties and select the properties that they want to inspect. We then book all the appointments and can even pick clients up from their hotel or workplace and take them to inspect properties. Or we can inspect properties on their behalf and report back to them after the inspection. We also help with the rental application and do all the follow up with the agent and can help organise their utility connections as well.

Using a relocation agent to help find a rental property makes sense

Instead of making a tone of calls to various agents, you simply make one phone call to The Lifestylers Group and we do all the work.

Our relocation agents are experienced.  They know each suburb like the back of there hand. All of our relocation agents have all relocated themselves, so they totally understand the challenges and stress of relocating. Plus, all of our relocation agents love property and most importantly love showing people around there city.

So if you are moving to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth and need some help, then give us a call. Our relocation service guarantees to take the hassle out of finding a rental property and moving house.

Relocation Agent

Relocation Agent