As professional organizers we see it all. The trash and the treasure, especially in garages!

We recently did a massive garage declutter for one of our clients. It took over 20 hours to clear out the garage, work out what was to be kept, what should be donated and what should be thrown out. It was a big job which was very dusty with lots of spiders and other crawly things running around the garage.

Who know that this was part of the job of a professional organizer! However, it was well worth the hard work and the space looked amazing. Now that the space is cleared, we are having new shelves installed and are purchasing customized storage solutions for the garage space, as the client wants to convert the space into a home office.

As part of the decluttering process, we donated lots of goods to charity, sold some on eBay and recycled as much as possible.  I thought I would share with you a few of our favorite recycling tips.


You can use Ebay for so much more than making money. For certain goods, you can put them on Ebay and get rid of them. You may not make a lot of money, but it serves another very useful purpose. We recently sold a client’s old drinks fridge for $10. Now we certainly weren’t doing it for the money. Rather, the client didn’t have to worry about moving it and it also meant that we could hire a smaller and cheaper skip, as we didn’t have to put the fridge in it. The lucky buyer got a good drinks fridge, and we didn’t add another item to landfill.

Mobile Phones Recycling

Rather than throw them in the rubbish you can recycle them. Mobile Muster is the official recycling program for the mobile phone industry. Check out for locations of where you can drop off your mobile phone. Or, as a more convenient option, you can download a Mobile Muster address label from, stick it on address and mail it off. Too easy!


Old Books

We use this recycling tip all the time, when we are doing major home organizing and declutter jobs client’s homes and have loads of books to dispose of. Select library’s will take them, sell them and use the money to purchase new books.

Plastic Bags

Get rid of those piles of plastic shopping bags, by using them as bin liners. Don’t forget that most supermarkets will recycle plastic bags as well, so return them when you go shopping.


Children’s Drawings

Now we all love kids paintings and drawings, but there comes a time when you have run out of space and then there’s the issue of what to do with them. A great idea is to “re-‘use the drawings as wrapping paper. It makes for a special gift and they are used again.


Freecycle – “Recycle”

Freecycle is an online network that allows you to offer belongings you no longer need to others, rather than throw things out (your trash may be their treasure!). There are groups all around the world exchanging everything from furniture to computer equipment, and toys to magazines, so visit the site for your nearest group.


Stitch In Time

Donate your sewing machine to combat poverty.

World Vision has partnered with Spotlight to create the Stitch in Time program. To give people the tools they need to start their own tailoring business and work their way out of poverty, you can donate your old working sewing machines and overlockers to your nearest Spotlight store.

 Bicycle Recycling

Finding a second life for your two wheels

Donations of bikes can make a great difference too many community organisations and individuals, such as refugees. Visit the site to find your nearest donation center.

Until next time, Happy Organising

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser