Papers, Papers, Papers

The dream of a paperless desk is still light years away for many of us. In the meantime, we need to devise a way to reduce the paper on our desk and organize it. Here are some decluttering tips.

Declutter your Desk

Start with a declutter and remove all the things that don’t belong on your desk.

For big items that need to be kept on or near your desk, you can use a range of boxes to keep the items sorted and grouped together. There are some lovely colours out there, so you can have fun and make your office look stylish too.

Set up an In-tray

Papers need a “home” when they arrive on your desk. Remember to label your in-tray too.

Set up a Filing System

When filing or creating a filing system, remember that you are doing this to make your life easier. Make sure your system makes sense and that anyone coming into your office would be able to find what they need quickly. Don’t forget to label it as well. Lever arch folders also work well when you want to file documents.

Organize your Drawers

Group similar items in each drawer. For example, put all of your office supplies in one drawer, stationery and notepads in another. That way, it’s organised and you won’t waste time trying to find items.

Now if you need some more inspiration on how to organise your desk, then checkout tips-to-organise-your-office, a previous blog that outlines 14 easy tips to help organise your desk. Start at the top and work your way down the list and before long your desk will be looking totally different.

Until next time, happy organising.

By Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser