I have been sick recently and have been in hospital a couple of times.

It’s made me think about how I run my life and what I need to do to change things to ensure I am taking the best care of myself.

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So here’s my tips:

  1. Remove any people or things from your life that stress you out. Whether it’s at work or personally, people or things that cause you stress have no place in your life. Make the tough decision and remove them from your life. I promise your stress levels will lower immediately. Mine did.
  2. Say no. Look after your health. The reality is that we just cannot do everything all of the time. So you need to say “no” sometimes. Perhaps it’s taking on to much work, attending to many social functions or trying to be everything to everyone one. If you continually stretch yourself there becomes a breaking point.
  3. Don’t put off going to the doctor. Regular check-ups will help keep on top of things so they won’t get out of control.
  4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Eat healthy and exercise. Remember, you are what you eat. If you are not getting the recommended serves of fruit and vegies per day then have a daily smoothie. 3 serves of vegies at breakfast is a great start to the day. (I prep mine the night before, so there is no excuses in the morning)
  5. Be prepared. I always keep a couple of prepared meals in the freezer. Great for when you don’t feel like cooking, and want to avoid unhealthy take away options. The last thing you want when you already feel unwell.
  6. It’s okay to have a pyjama day, every so often. I have done this a couple of times recently and it feels really good. Just don’t make it a regular thing!
  7. Stress less. The amount of stress you have in your life has a big impact on your health. So managing your stress levels is critical. (Refer to point 1)
  8. Make time for yourself. Definitely struggling with this one at the moment. What, with a young family, business, husband, friends it’s hard to find the time. But, we all need some “me” time for our sanity.
  9. Exercise. So this is the last thing you want to do when you are tired. But it definitely makes you feel better. I struggle with spare time but I also understand that I need to exercise as it makes me feel better. So I have just downloaded the 7 Minute Workout App from iTunes. I figure if I cannot find 7 minutes in my day, then there’s a problem. So I am starting off small and working my way up from here. Will let you know how I go.

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