Our Professional Declutterers are experts at organising homes and lives.

Professional Declutterers

We offer an extensive professional organising and declutter service. Are you getting frustrated by your clutter and home organisation? Are you ready to declutter your home? Have you found yourself saying things like:

• I need some help to declutter my house

• I feel overwhelmed by how must stuff I own

• I think I need some help to organise my wardrobe because I’ve got no storage and clothes everywhere

• I cannot see my office floor. I’ve got papers everywhere and no system

• I need someone to help me organise my kitchen

• I don’t know how to organise my stuff

• I feel like I don’t have enough storage in my house

• I just don’t know where to start to declutter my house

• I think I have reached the point where I might need some help to organise and declutter my house.

So, if you have found yourself saying these things, then it’s time to engage the services of a declutter and organising service who can help to organise your home and life. With over 10 years decluttering experience, we have professionally decluttered and organised every part of the home including:

  • Kitchen and Pantry’s
  • Wardrobes
  • kids Bedrooms and Toy Rooms
  • Home Offices and
  • Garages

Our decluttering services are extensive and we haven’t seen a home yet that we couldn’t declutter and help get organised.

Our Decluttering Process

We don’t come in and make you throw things out when we do a declutter with you. We work with you, one on one, to help you decide what you want to keep and what you don’t.  Our job is to help you declutter and organise your home. As part of our decluttering services we will help you to:

  • Clear the clutter
  • Sort and declutter your belongings
  • Group and organise them
  • Label them and
  • Implement storage systems that work for your specific area.

Our professional declutter and home organising services are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

How Long Will  It Take To Declutter My Home?

This is a great question that we always get asked when clients call us about helping to declutter and organise their homes. Each home is different and it really depends on how much stuff you have to declutter and organise. It also depends on how long the space has been like this for, how big the rooms are and how frustrated you are currently feeling. The ability to make decisions about what you want to keep and donate also has a big impact on the process. Call us for a confidential chat and we can go through your organising and decluttering requirements and we can give you a guide.

Our Declutter Experts

We have a team of caring, compassionate and experienced declutter staff who have been working for The Lifestylers Group for some time now. Each of our staff have been selected to work at The Lifestylers Group because of their personality and experience.

Going into someones home to help them declutter and get organised is a very personal service. Therefore, its essential that you have the right person for this task. We take our declutter and organising service very seriously. I suppose that’s why we have been in business for over 10 years now and also have many repeat clients that we help keep organised on an ongoing basis.

Each of our team brings a wealth of organising and decluttering experience. They also have very different personalities which is important because we like to match the right declutter staff member up with our clients. I actually think that this is one of the most important parts of the declutter process. As a client, you need to be able to relate to and feel comfortable with the team member who is going to help organise and declutter your home.

When we take a call from a client saying: “I just need someone to help organise my house”, or “I need someone to organise my kitchen or pantry or wardrobe” they have often reached a point of frustration. So they need someone who is experienced, has seen it all before and has practical solutions that can be implemented straight away.

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Lifestyle Management Division

Private PA's for your Home | Butler
Personal Concierge
Home Organising, Private PA and Personal Concierge Services Melbourne
Private Personal Assistant / Butler

Our complete home organisation service has your home organised, inside and outside.

Your own dedicated private personal assistant / Butler can visit your home weekly, monthly or as required and assist you.

Whether you need assistance organising and managing the home or home office, your private personal assistant/butler is there to support you and your family. Our experienced assistants can manage your property including all home maintenance requirements.

Personal Concierge / Virtual Assistant
Our personal concierge service is your virtual assistant, and is only a phone call or email away.

Declutter and Home Organisation Division

Home and Office Organising and Decluttering
Virtual Assistant, Secretariat - Professional Organiser Melbourne
Declutter and Home Organisation

The Lifestylers Group is your organising & decluttering experts. Since 2005, we have helped thousands of people to get more organised, clutter free and become more time efficient. As professional organisers we organise, declutter and sort homes, home offices and businesses.

We have a fantastic team of professional organisers, all of whom specialise in different areas of organising. You work with a dedicated professional organiser who works with you, one-on-one to help you organise your space.

We can also provide a whole suite of organising services to help you get organised. We don't just do the decluttering and organising, we also show you some some practical tips so you can maintain the space and keep things organised after we leave.

Home Relocation Division

Valet Packing and Unpacking
Bespoke Relocation Management
Melbourne Personal Conceirge and Relocation Management
Relocation Services
Moving house and need complete relocation assistance. We offer extensive relocation services to ensure the transit into your new home runs smoothly.

One phone call to us and your entire relocation is organised. We will organise a range of proven and trusted suppliers i.e. removalists, carpet and house cleaners, maintenance, rubbish removal etc for your move.

Valet Packing and Unpacking Services
Valet packing and unpacking services are delivered by an all-female team of trained professionals.

Extensive “after move services” including our private personal assistant service / butler can provide valuable ongoing support to you and your family.


I would give the overall service from The Lifestylers Group 10 out of 10. The thing that I liked most about the service was the fact that nothing seemed to be too much bother. It didn’t matter what the request was, Natalie was happy to manage it.

I found Natalie and the rest of the team to be fantastic – I could not have done it without your services.  Natalie was on top of everything and, if problems arose, sorted them out without worrying me. I was absolutely delighted with the entire process and will have no hesitation in recommending The Lifestylers Group in the future.  I have no doubt that I, or my family, will call upon you from time to time. More satisfied clients…

Deborah Rolfe

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