With over 50 years collective office organising experience, we’ll have your office space sorted and organised in no time.

We can help organise your small business or home office

We customise our office organising services to meet your exact needs.

An organised home office or small business will run more efficiently and productively, if you have the right systems in place, things are filed and it’s well organised. A clear desk is a good desk. Good systems mean you won’t waste any more time trying to find that missing file or document.

Office Organising Services

As part of our office organising service we can:

  • Review your current filing, organising systems and office layout and make recommendations
  • Implement an archiving system to store paperwork
  • Set up paper flow, office and storage systems specific to your needs and space requirements
  • Develop hardcopy and electronic filing systems
  • Suggest (or purchase for you) suitable storage products
  • Provide guidance for delegating and outsourcing aspects of your business
  • Provide recommendations on computer backup programs
  • Provide basic computer training on Microsoft packages.

An Organised Office Saves You Time and Money

Don’t be unproductive at work.It costs you time and money. Once you have developed and implemented some office procedures, you will feel more organised, you will get more done and you will be more time effective.

Home Office Organising

Like a business office, a home office needs to be organised and functional. Its also very easy for a home office to become un-organised. Often the space its a combined bedroom and office and it regularly becomes the “dumping ground” of where to put things. So often when we visit client’s homes we see the dining room table full of paper, papers on the bench and papers scattered throughout the house. What’s lacking is a system to manage and organise all the paper work.

Our home office organising service will:

  • Help you set up a system to manage and organiser all your paperwork.
  • Set up filing systems to store your important documents such as legal records, tax returns, financial documents certificates, immunization records and school records
  • Create storage solutions for the kids artwork
  • Set up bill payment schedules
  • Establish mail processing systems.

Whatever your style and budget, we can recommend the right product to meet your filing and storage needs.

At the completion of our office organising service you will find that you have new-found and organised workable space, along with logical storage systems that work for you and your space.

Ongoing Office Management/Secretarial Support

We also provide regular, ongoing office management support. For many clients, once the system is set up, we will come back once a week, a month or quarter to help with filing and office work.

Need Outsourced Contractors for your Business

Often we find many small businesses are busy working in the business and become bogged down in the day to day operations of the work. We can recommend a range of professional contractors that you can engage to help with your business such as:

  • Copy writers
  • Editors
  • Graphic designers
  • Computer consultants
  • Photographers

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I would give the overall service from The Lifestylers Group 10 out of 10. The thing that I liked most about the service was the fact that nothing seemed to be too much bother. It didn’t matter what the request was, Natalie was happy to manage it.

I found Natalie and the rest of the team to be fantastic – I could not have done it without your services.  Natalie was on top of everything and, if problems arose, sorted them out without worrying me. I was absolutely delighted with the entire process and will have no hesitation in recommending The Lifestylers Group in the future.  I have no doubt that I, or my family, will call upon you from time to time. More satisfied clients…

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