Declutter your books

When did you make the time to declutter your books? If you’re like me, I’m tipping it hasn’t been recently.

Declutter my house

Declutter your books













Declutter your books in 5 easy steps.

When your books start to build up and create clutter on your bookshelves, bedside table or book shelves its time to declutter. So here’s 5 steps to help make the process of decluttering your books easier.

Set time aside to declutter your books.

You need to set designated time aside if you want to declutter any space. If you don’t have an hour, then just allocate 10 or 15 minutes and don’t stop till the time is up. Just remember though, once you have culled and decluttered your book shelve, bundle the books up ready to be dropped off (also set a date by which they must be dropped off). If you only have 10 or 15 minutes for a declutter session, then also make sure you set yourself a goal as to when you want to have the entire book shelve decluttered.

One shelf at a time.

Like any declutter project you need to start small. So in this instance when you are decluttering your book shelf, start decluttering one shelve at a time. Work from the top down. And if they are spilling out onto the floor, then that is the best place to start your declutter.

Will you really read it again?

I know myself, I had a heap of books that I was never going to read again. So I decided it was time to clear the clutter and let go. With any decluttering that you do, maximum impact is made when you can let go of more items. Plus, it is so much easier to organise and style a book shelve that is not jam packed with books. So keep that in mind with you when you start your declutter.

Why are you keeping those books anyway?

I realised that I was keeping a heap of my old university books. Why? I think it was because of all the memories that they brought back. But the reality was, I was never going to use my Macro Economics book again (I hated the subject then and my opinion has not changed), so why was a keeping it, so they had to go. Declutter and be gone!

Declutter your books and donate.

Feel good about decluttering your books by donating them to someone who can use them. I recently did a declutter for a client and we donated books that were in very good condition to her local library. The library then sold the books and used the money to buy more books.

Other places to donate books to include: they have branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

The Lifestylers Group provides decluttering assistance in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. For assistance with any declutter project (the kitchen, bedroom, office, wardrobes, garage) contact us.

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Gorgeous home office storage ideas

Gorgeous home office storage ideas

This month it’s all about gorgeous home office storage ideas and looks. Forget drab and go for some of these fab storage ideas and products for your home office. In no time you will have a super stylish and functional office space that will actually inspire you to want to spend time in there. Then, there will be no excuse to get all your paper work sorted for the tax man.

Home Office Organising and Storage

Home office organising and storage – Image credit: Officeworks











A light, bright and white home office

This white trestle desk is definitely the statement piece in this minimalist workspace. Achieve the look with this customisable trestle desktop and legs for less than $100. Love it all? All the furniture, the lamp, and the photo frame packs come in at $658 from Officeworks.


The perfectly organised home officeising

The perfectly organised home office -Image credit: Office Works











A bold home office space

A black workspace is a bold move, but it definitely sets a get-it-done attitude. The floor lamps will bring much needed brightness to this space and are a great affordable alternative to pendant lights, which require installation by a qualified electrician. Opting for wood-look furniture will not only add light and warmth, but will keep your budget in check.

Using these picks, you could create the look for $385 – which includes two each of the light oak magazine files and vintage document boxes.

Classic white home office

Classic white home office – Image credit: Kikki-k


Go for the classic uncluttered look

As a professional organiser, I just love this look from Kikki-k.  Its uncluttered and functional. You could also easily add a single draw filing cabinet under the desk to give you some more storage space if required. You could also add some pops of colour by changing the colour of the storage product that’s sitting on the desk.

Home office storage

Home office storage








Gorgeous home office storage ideas

Check out these storage ideas from Kikki-k. They will help keep your desk uncluttered and organised and they look great too.

Based in Melbourne and assisting clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, The Lifestylers Group is a professional organising service that helps people organise there homes, home offices and lives. With over 10 years experience, we have seen it all before. We have lots of practical tips and advise that we share with our clients to organise there office or home office.





Organise Your Paperwork

Stylish Home Office Filing Ideas

Now that your paper work is all organised and sorted, it is time to file it.

As professional organisers we love things to look organised and stylish too. I am always search for organising tips and ideas. I come across a great way to create stylish looking lever arch folders in the October 2012 edition of Better Homes and Gardens. I hope you like it too.

Take an A4 photocopy of your favourite photo, or perhaps some beautiful coloured stationery paper and cut stripes wide enough to cover the spine of your folders. Then, use double sided tape to fix the paper to your folder. It only takes minutes to have custom made, stylish folders.  Don’t forget to label your folders too.

Home Office Organising

Organise, sort and declutter your home office paperwork

Hopefully this decorative filing system will even encourage you to do your filing as well! Talking of filing, if you need some help organizing, sorting and filing that pile of papers, then I have listed below some filing tips for you.


Firstly, look at your current filing system (or that pile of paper on the floor or desk that you’ve been meaning to file for months) and start sorting your documents into broad categories. “Finances” might be one; “house stuff” could be another. At this point, we’re not focusing on the detail of your filing system, it is just the broad categories. At this stage it doesn’t matter if it’s a credit card bill or a bank statement right now. We can sort out the distinctions later on.


It is in this stage, that we start sorting into sub categories. Start with one of your “major category/ piles” and sort through it again. This time, you can put your papers into smaller subcategories. For example, your “finances” pile could be divided into:

  • savings account  – ANZ
  • savings account  – ING Direct
  • check account
  • Visa credit card account
  • AMEX credit card account

It is important to be specific. Don’t just say that they are “bank statements”. Determine which account they belong to and break each out into a separate pile. It makes it easier to find if they are in specific groups.

Until next time, happy organising

Natalie Morey, Professional Organiser

My Desk Overwhelms Me. Are you Drowning in Paperwork?

Help? My Desk Needs Some Serious Decluttering and Sorting

Some days I look at my desk and think the amount of papers must have multiplied overnight. I’m sure it didn’t look that messy yesterday. I just want a clean and organised desk and maybe if I just click my fingers, the papers will shuffle into order. I wish!

One handy tip I’ve learned is to set up a filing tray, because I know that I don’t put my papers away immediately. At least this organises part of the roaming papers that clutter my desk.

Storage Ideas to Clear The Clutter On My Desk

Note to self – I must get a toast rack type filing stand for my desk. If I do that, it can house my active files when I’m not actually using them. As it stands upright, this will give me a more clear desk space.  Finally, I feel like I’m winning the paper war and might actually get a tidy desk.

Now, lastly, what does your desk look like? Can I even see it under the bulk of papers?

Until I implemented a paper management system in the office, I frequently had piles of papers stacked up neatly on the floor.

Set Up an In- Tray

We spend enough time at the office as it is. Don’t waste time trying to find your files. Set up a couple of filing trays. Clearly label them. Also label your folders and hanging pockets, which are placed in your toaster rack. It will make the office run just that bit smoother.

It doesn’t take long to set up a paper management system for your home office. Trust me – it will save you time in the long run. The obstacles on the floor of course disappear into your system. How many things do you have to walk around or over to get to your desk? Now is the time to organize your office.

If your desk is overwhelming and needs some decluttering and sorting, then the first thing you need to do is write a list and make a plan as to how you are going to organise it. In a previous blog article, we wrote about get organized and write a to do list. It really does help if you write it down on paper. Once I have a list written down, I automatically feel more organised. I feel more focussed and it is great as I can tick things off the list as I complete them.

By Melissa Morey, Professional Organiser